Anna University Question Papers For ECE

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Download Anna university question paper for Electronics and Communication Engineering ( ECE ) department/branch semester examination. Download old question papers, solved question banks, important questions with answers, Model question papers, important 16marks and 2marks questions with answer, syllabus, reference book for each subject\papers and Semester exam papers for B.E / B.Tech 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013 regulation for Anna university Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli and Madurai affiliated colleges.

previous year questions papers listed in semester and subject wise below in the order first semester - 1st, second semester - 2nd, third semester - 3rd, fourth semester - 4th, fifth semester - 5th, sixth semester - 6th, seventh semester - 7th and eighth semester - 8th. All documents are in PDF format for downloading.

Hope this will help you in getting good marks in your semester examination. ALL THE BEST

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First  & Second Semester Papers:
3rd SEMESTER - Third:

Electronic Circuits I - EC9202 / EC2205
Data Structures & Object Oriented Programming in C++ - EC2202
4th SEMESTER - Fourth:
5th SEMESTER - Fifth:

Digital Communication - EC9301/EC2201
Microprocessors And Micro controllers - EC2304 
 Microprocessors And Applications - 080290030
    Computer Architecture and Organisation - EC2303
    Digital Signal Processing - EC2302
    Transmission Lines and Wave Guides - EC2305
    Environmental Science and Engineering - GE 2021

    Numerical Methods - MA2264
    Multicore Programming - CS2021
    Medical Electronics - EC9351/EC2021 
    Solid State Electronic Devices - EC2023
    Digital Switching and Transmission - EC9032
    Telecommunication System modeling and simulation - EC9033
    Multimedia Compression and Communication - EC9034
    Digital Control Engineering - EC9039
    Speech Processing - EC9041/IT2064
    Operating Systems - EC9077/EC2022

    Advanced Microprocessors - EC9080
    7th SEMESTER - Seventh:

    Digital Image Processing - EC2029
    Wireless Communication - EC2401
    RF and Microwave Engineering - EC2403
      Optical Communication and Networks - EC2402
      High Speed Networks - CS2060
      Internet and Java - EC2028
      EC2030    Advanced Digital Signal Processing
      Computer Hardware And Interfacing - 080290063
      Total Quality Management - GE2022
      Cryptography and Network Security - EC2035 
      EC2036    Information Theory
      GE2071    Intellectual Property Rights
      Professional Ethics in Engineering /
      Professional Ethics
      And Human Values - GE2025
      Advanced Microprocessors - 080290062/EC2027
      CS2053    Soft Computing
      EC2037    Multimedia Compression and Communication
      EC2039    Parallel and Distributed Processing

      EC2031    Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility
      EC2033    Power Electronics

      Television And Video Engineering - EC2034
      EC2038    Nano Electronics
      EC2041    Avionics

      8th SEMESTER - Eighth:

      Embedded and Real Time Systems - EC2042
      Wireless networks - EC2043 
        EC2046 Advanced Electronic system design
        Optoelectronic devices-
        Mobile Adhoc Networks - EC2050
        EC2051 Wireless Sensor Networks
        EC2052 Remote Sensing
        EC2053  Engineering Acoustics
        EC2044 Telecommunication Switching and Networks
        Satellite Communication - 

        EC2048 Telecommunication System Modeling and Simulation
        EC2049 Radar and Navigational Aids
        EC2054 Optical Networks

        Regulation 2013 Papers:

        Third Semester - 3rd:

        1.    MA6351    Transforms and Partial Differential Equations    3    1    0    4
        2.    EE6352    Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation    3    1    0    4
        3.    EC6301    Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures    3    0    0    3
        4.    EC6302    Digital Electronics    3    0    0    3
        5.    EC6303    Signals and Systems    3    1    0    4
        6.    EC6304    Electronic Circuits- I    3    1    0    4

        Fourth Semester - 4th:

        1.    MA6451    Probability and Random Processes    3    1    0    4
        2.    EC6401    Electronic Circuits II    3    0    0    3
        3.    EC6402    Communication Theory    3    0    0    3
        4.    EC6403    Electromagnetic Fields    3    1    0    4
        5.    EC6404    Linear Integrated Circuits    3    0    0    3
        6.    EC6405    Control System Engineering    3    0    0    3

        Fifth Semester - 5th:

        EC6501    Digital Communication
        EC6502    Principles of Digital Signal Processing
        EC6503    Transmission Lines and Wave Guides
        GE6351    Environmental Science and Engineering
        EC6504    Microprocessor and Microcontroller

        Sixth Semester - 6th:

        MG6851    Principles of Management
        CS6303    Computer Architecture
        CS6551    Computer Networks
        EC6601    VLSI Design   
        EC6602    Antenna and Wave propagation
        EC6001    Medical Electronics
        EC6002    Advanced Digital Signal Processing
        CS6401    Operating Systems
        EC6003    Robotics and Automation

        Seventh Semester - 7th:

        EC6701    RF and Microwave Engineering
        EC6702    Optical Communication and Networks
        EC6703    Embedded and Real Time Systems
        EC6007    Speech Processing
        EC6008    Web Technology
        EC6009    Advanced Computer Architecture
        EC6010    Electronics Packaging
        EC6011    Electro Magnetic Interference and Compatibility
        EC6004    Satellite Communication
        EC6005    Electronic Testing
        EC6006    Avionics   
        CS6012    Soft Computing
        IT6005    Digital Image Processing
        EC6012    CMOS Analog IC Design
        EC6013    Advanced Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
        EC6014    Cognitive Radio
        EC6015    Radar and Navigational Aids
        EC6016    Opto Electronic Devices

        Eight Semester - 8th:

        EC6801    Wireless Communication
        EC6802    Wireless Networks
        EC6017    RF System Design
        CS6003    Ad hoc and Sensors Networks
        GE6082    Indian Constitution and Society
        EC6018    Multimedia Compression and Communication
        GE6075    Professional Ethics in  Engineering
        EC6019    Data Converters   
        CS6701    Cryptography and Network Security
        GE6757    Total Quality Management
        MG6071    Entrepreneurship Development
        MG6088    Software Project Management