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Computer Architecture and Organization EC2303 MJ2014 5th Semester Question Paper

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Electronics and Communication Engineering
EC2303-Computer Architecture and Organization
Fifth Semester

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1.Let x=1010100 and y=1000011 perform
a)X=Y and
b)Y-X using 1’s compliment
2.What is a coprocessor.
3.What is a full adder and how many full adders are required to construct a 4 bit full adder.
4.Draw a space-time diagram for a six segment pipeline showing the time it takes to process six tasks.
5.What is an instruction pipeline.
6.Differentiate between hardwired and micro programmed control.
7.What is a cache memory.
8. Differentiate between static and dynamic RAM.
9.What is meant by handshaking signals?
10.What is meant by bus attribution?


11.a)1)what are integrated circuits? Describe the evolution of IC’s in detail. (8)
2)What is a priority encoder?Design a 16 bit priority encoder using two copies of an 8 bit encoder. (8)
b)1)What is a multiplexer ?Construct an eight input multiplexer using two input multiplexers. (8)
2)Discuss about the general approach to the design of register level systems. (8)

12.a)1)Illustrate the Robertson multiplication algorithm for twos compliment fractions with an example. (8)
2)Draw the block diagram of a four stage floating point adder pipeline and illustrate the behaviour. (8)
b)1)Give the non restoring division algorithm for unsigned integers and illustrate with example. (8)
2)Design 8 bit adder subtractor using 4 bit address and explain the behaviour of the circuit. (8)

13.a)Discuss about the design of hardwired control unit for a twos complement multiplier.(16)
b)Explain various factors that reduce the performance of the pipeline and how they can be overcome.(16)

14.a)1)What is associate memory ? Draw the block diagram of associate memory and explain and how the read and write operations performed in associate memory.(8)
2)What are the advantages and disadvantages of pre-emptive and non-pre emptive memory allocation?(8)
1)What are the major differences between the following memory technologies :SRAMs flash memories,magnetic floppy disks,optical disks and CD ROMs.(8)
2)Consider a typical RAM chip of 128*2.Explain how to construct a memory system of 512*2 and 128*8 using suitable number of RAM chips.(8)

15.a)1)Explain how fault tolerance is achieved using hardware and software redundancy (10).
2)What is vector processing ?Draw the architecture of a typical vector processor and explain.(6)
1)With a help of a block diagram explain the daisy-chaiing method of stablishing prioriy among the interrupting devices.(8)
2)What is IOP ?Explain how CPU and IOP communicate with each other. (8)

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