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ISRO Previous Year Question Papers

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Previous year question papers for examination conducted by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for various post under the Centralised Recruitment (ICRB) scheme. ISRO conducts requirement for post like Scientists/Engineers 'SC', Administrative Officer, Accounts Officer, Purchase And Stores Officer, Assistant and Junior Personal Assistant, JRF & Research Associates, SRF, Technician-B, Draughtsman, Cook, Fireman- A, etc.

Also you can find the books and materials required for studying for ISRO exam. You can find solved question papers and answer keys for EC, CSE, Mechanical and Civil.

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Books For ISRO Recruitment Exams:
Please click the below link for preferred books which you can refer for preparing for ISRO examination. You can find books for all post examination.

Scientists / Engineers 'SC' Papers:

Aptitude Papers:
Electronics & Communication (EC):
Mechanical (MH):
Computer Science (CS):
            Civil Engineering:
            Electrical Engineering:
            Refrigeration & A/C:

            Assistant & Junior Personal Assistant:
            Question papers for the post of Assistant and Jr. Personal Assistant. The question papers contain two parts General English & General Studies, part II paper contains Arithmetic, General knowledge and Computer literacy.
            Accounts Officer:
            Question papers for the post of Accounts officer in ISRO.
            Administrative officer:
            Question papers for the post of Administrative officer in ISRO.
            Purchase & Stores Officer: 
            Question papers for the post of Purchase & Stores Officer in ISRO.

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            2. sir plzzz aupload question paper for chemical engg branch