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About Me

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I am a VARUNA V part time blogger since 2008. I started my blog when i was studying in college, mainly to share question papers and job opening with my friends who used to travel to native during study holidays. Then I realized that my blog contents can help thousands of students who where doing there engineering degree or people who are searching jobs.

Hence started to blog more on question papers, placement papers and jobs. Now after so many years we have grown from a blog to a website with niche content. So it will be useful to empower my readers to reach greater heights in their life.

Myself a Engineer in Electronics And Communication (Anna University) working now as a senior software engineering in a MNC with around 9+ years of experience.

Contact Me:

You can contact me in case you have any queries to my in any of the below means.

Email: admin(at)knowledgeadda.com or knowledgeadda87[at]gmail.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/knowledgeaddaCommunity

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/KnowledgeAdda

I am free to get any feedback on improving the service provided by me to my users. I would like to share more information with users more efficiently and share the things which they want me to share.

In Case you have any feedback on improving the website mentioned below please mail me at this email address.


Feedback Email: admin[at]knowledgeadda.com or knowledgeadd87[at]gmail.com

Wishing you all SUCCESS and HAPPINESS in your life.

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