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Anna University MBA Question Papers

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Download Anna university question papers for MBA - Masters of business administration department/branch semester examination. Download old papers, solved question banks, important questions with answers, study material, reference books, syllabus, Model question papers, important 16 marks and 2 marks questions with answer for 2013 and 2017 regulation for Anna university Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli/Trichy, Tirunelveli and Madurai affiliated colleges.

Find previous year questions papers listed subject wise below in the semester exam order of first - 1st, second - 2nd, third - 3rd and fourth - 4th semesters. All documents are in PDF format for downloading.

Hope this will help you in getting good marks in your semester examination.



Anna university all semester examination books and study material can be accessed through below link. Feel free search for different subject books and authors. The link will provide both local and foreign author books for references. Share the page with friends and college students as required.




1. BA5101 Economic Analysis for Business
2. BA5102 Principles of Management
3. BA5103 Accounting for Management
4. BA5104 Legal Aspects of Business
5. BA5105 Organizational Behaviour
6. BA5106 Statistics for Management
7. BA5107 Total Quality Management


1. BA5201 Applied Operations Research
2. BA5202 Business Research Methods
3. BA5203 Financial Management
4. BA5204 Human Resource Management
5. BA5205 Information Management
6. BA5206 Operations Management
7. BA5207 Marketing Management


1. BA5301 International Business Management
2. BA5302 Strategic Management


Stream / Specialization : Marketing Management
1. BA5001 Brand Management
2. BA5002 Consumer Behaviour
3. BA5003 Customer Relationship Management
4. BA5004 Integrated Marketing Communication
5. BA5005 Retail Marketing
6. BA5006 Services Marketing
7. BA5007 Social Marketing
8. BA5008 Banking Financial Services Management
9. BA5009 Corporate Finance
10. BA5010 Derivatives Management
11. BA5011 Merchant Banking and Financial Services
12. BA5012 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
13. BA5013 Strategic Investment and Financing Decisions
14. BA5031 International Trade Finance

Stream / Specialization : Human Resource Management
15. BA5014 Entrepreneurship Development
16. BA5015 Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare
17. BA5016 Labour Legislations
18. BA5017 Managerial Behaviour and Effectiveness
19. BA5018 Organizational Theory, Design and Development
20. BA5019 Strategic Human Resource Management

Stream/ Specialization : Systems Management
21. BA5020 Advanced Database Management System
22. BA5021 Datamining for Business Intelligence
23. BA5022 Enterprise Resource Planning
24. BA5023 Software Project Management and Quality
25. BA5024 E-Business Management

Stream / Specialization : Operations Management
26. BA5025 Logistics Management
27. BA5026 Materials Management
28. BA5027 Product Design
29. BA5028 Project Management
30. BA5029 Services Operations Management
31. BA5030 Supply Chain Management

First Semester - 1st:

Principle of Management - BA7101
Statistics for Management - BA7102
Economic Analysis for Business - BA7103
BA7105 Organizational Behaviour

Total Quality Management - BA7104
Accounting for Management - BA7106
Legal Aspects of Business  - BA7107
Written Communication - BA7108
Organizational Behaviour - BA9204
BA9207 Legal Aspects of Business
BA9205 Communication Skills
BA9201 Statistics for Management
BA9206 Accounting for Management

Second Semester - 2nd:

BA7201 Operations Management
BA7202 Financial Management
BA7203 Marketing Management
BA7204 Human Resource Management
BA7205 Information Management
BA7206 Applied Operations Research

BA7207 Business Research Methods

Operations Management - BA9221
Financial Management - BA9222

Marketing Management - BA9223
Human Resource Management - BA9224
Management Information System - BA9225

Applied Operations Research for Management - BA9226

Business Research Methods - BA9227
Business Application Software - BA9228

Third Semester - 3rd:

BA7301 Enterprise Resource Planning
BA7302 Strategic Management
BA7011 Brand Management
BA7012 Retail Management
BA7013 Services Marketing
BA7014 Integrated Marketing Communication
BA7015 Customer Relationship Management
BA7016 Rural Marketing
BA7021 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
BA7022 Merchant Banking and Financial Services
BA7023 International Trade Finance
BA7024 Corporate Finance
BA7025 Micro Finance
BA7026 Banking Financial Services Management
BA7031 Managerial Behavior and Effectiveness
BA7032 Entrepreneurship Development

BA7033 Organizational Theory, Design & Development
BA7034 Industrial Relations & Labour Welfare

BA7035 Labour Legislations
BA7036 Strategic Human Resource Management
BA7041 Advanced Database Management Systems
BA7042 e-Business Management
BA7043 Software Project and Quality Management
BA7044 Datamining for Business Intelligence
BA7051 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BA7052 Services Operations Management
BA7053 Project Management
BA7054 Lean Six Sigma

Merchant Banking and Financial Services - BA9258
Industrial Relations & Labour Welfare - BA9266
International Business Management - BA9209
Strategic Management - BA9210
Summer Project Report - BA9211

Brand Management - BA9251
Retail Management - BA9252
Services Marketing - BA9253
Advertising & Sales Promotion - BA9254
Consumer Behaviour - BA9255
Customer Relationship Management - BA9256

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management - BA9257
International Trade Finance - BA9259

Corporate Finance - BA9260
Derivatives Management - BA9261
Strategic Investment and Financing Decisions - BA9262

Managerial Behavior and Effectiveness - BA9263
Entrepreneurship Development - BA9264
Organizational Theory Design & Development - BA9265
Labour Legislation - BA9267

Strategic Human Resource Management & Development - BA9268
Database Management System - BA9269
E-Commerce Technology and Management - BA9270
Enterprise Resources Planning - BA9271

Supply Chain and Logistics Management - BA9272
Product Design - BA9273
Services Operations Management - BA9274

Fourth Semester - 4th:

BA7401 International Business Management
BA7402 Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance

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