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BDL - Bharat Dynamics Limited Previous Year Question Paper

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Bharat Dynamics limited (BDL) recruits fresh engineer every year for its management trainee program. The examination is held usually in the month of July. Previous year question paper for the BDL exam are available rarely in websites. You cant download the question papers anywhere.
For preparing for the BDL examination you just prepare other PSU exam papers so that you can get an idea of what you can expect in the examination. You can download previous year paper of the other PSU in the following likes. The BDL question will be bit similar in the pattern.

Download BDL question paper here.

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Something is better than nothing.

So dont waste time on searching previous year paper for the BDL. Instead prepare other PSu papers. I am dam sure you can clear it with ease.

All the best for you future and your examination.

Do well.

There are various reference books which you can refer and download for the BDL examination. You can also refer other PSU papers as it will given a idea about question. Please do prepare the subjects of you respective branches this will make your chances of clearing exam more. Below you can find the list of books which you can refer and the author. Please add your suggestion of books in comment box below. All the best.

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About BDL:
BDL was established in the year 1970 to be a manufacturing base for guided weapon systems.  It’s coming into being reflects the visionary wisdom of the Nation to achieve self-reliance in the technological domain.  Nurtured by a pool of talented engineers drawn from DRDO and aerospace industries, BDL began its journey by producing a 1st Generation Anti Tank Guided Missile-the French SS11B1.  This product was a culmination of a Licence Agreement the Government of India entered into with Aerospatiale, France.   From  a humble beginning in rented premises of Andhra Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation (APIDC) at Sanatnagar, Hyderabad, the Company today boasts of two  modern manufacturing complexes sprawled over 1300 acres located at Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad and Bhanur, Medak District, AP.

On successful completion of the SS11B1 project, BDL embarked on production of  2nd generation ATGMs – the French Milan-2 and Russian Konkurs.  These projects were taken up for licence production with technical collaboration from M/s.Euromissile, France and M/s.KBP, Tula, Russia.  These products covered a broad spectrum of the requirements of the Indian Army’s infantry and mechanized forces.  The productionization process at BDL with a phase-wise transfer of technology laid emphasis on indigenization, which enabled its engineers to gain deep insight into the system engineering and design concept of ATGMs.  In this process, BDL also interacted with numerous Indian industrial partners to develop and nurture them as reliable supply change elements.

While fulfilling it’s role as a manufacturing agency, the domain knowledge gained has been fully exploited by the Design & Engineering Division of BDL to develop value added items for it’s customers.  A few of the products realized are:
a)   Fagot Launcher Adapted for Milan Equipment (FLAME) – An indigenous    
      launcher for Milan ATGM.
b)  Test Equipment for Konkurs Missile.
c)   Test Equipment for Konkurs Launcher.
d)  Counter Measure Dispensing System (CMDS), etc.

In recognition of its outstanding work and quality products, the company and its members have been consistently winning National awards in a wide varieity of areas as under:-

   DRDO Technology Transfer and Assimilation Award.- 1996
   Raksha Mantri Award  for Import Substitution and Innovation -2002-03
   Raksha Mantri’s Award  for Design Efforts for CMDS -2004-05
   Raksha Mantri’s Award  for Import Substitution (IRII)-2005-06
   Sodet Award   for CMDS -2005-06
   FAPCCI Award for Excellence in Research and Development-2005-06
   Golden Peacock Award for Electronics Division-2007

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