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Internet and Java 7th ND12 EC2028

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Question Paper code : 11300
B.E./B.Tech. Degree Examination, November/December 2012
Seventh Semester
Electronics and Communication Engineering
EC 2028/EC 705 - Internet and Java
(Regulation 2008)
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Part A - (10 * 2 = 20 marks)

1. What are the classes of IP addresses?
2. Does the proxy ARP can be used with three physical networks that are interconnected by two gateways, why or why not?
3. Give the message format of RIP.
4. What is multicasting? Where is it used?
5. What is the purpose of CSS?
6. List out the merits and demerits of CGI.
7. Define Object serialization.
8. Draw the architecture of RMI.
9. Differentiate HTML and XML.
10. What are the drivers available in JDBC?

Part B - (5 * 16 = 80 marks)

11. (a) (i) Lost TCP acknowledgements do not necessarily force retransmissions. Explain why?(8 marks)
11. (a) (ii) Give the ARP format and explain how to implement ARP and RARP.(8 marks)
11. (b) (i) Describe Internet Traffic Management.(8 marks)
11. (b) (ii) Explain about various internet applications.(8 marks)

12. (a) Explain in detail the working mechanism of Link state protocol.(16 marks)
12. (b) (i) Explain how routing for high speed multimedia traffic done.(8 marks)
12. (b) (ii) Write short notes on IP switching and Resource reservation.(4+4 marks)

13. (a) Develop a static website in HTML by including all the types of text links, image links and alignment.(16 marks)
13. (b) (i) write a Java Script that checks whether the given string is palindrome or not.(6 marks)
13. (b) (ii) Using a Java Script, create a webpage with two images loaded in it. Display the relevant information of the image when the mouse pointer moves over the images.(10 marks)

14. (a) What is multi threading? Explain with a sample Java program.(16 marks)
14. (b) (i) Explain Remote method invocation with an example.(12 marks)
14. (b) (ii) Write a brief note on event classes in Java.(4 marks)

15. (a) Design an application to illustrate interface and package.(16 marks)
15. (b) Create a web application for Shopping cart using the appropriate web technologies (consider only 10 items in the shop).(16 marks)

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