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CS6701 Cryptography and Network Security 7th Sem Question Paper ND18 Regulation 2013

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Question Paper Code : 20379
Seventh / Eight Semester
Computer Science and Engineering
CS6701 Cryptography and Network Security
( Regulation 2013 )

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CS6701 Syllabus Cryptography and Network Security Syllabus

UNIT I INTRODUCTION & NUMBER THEORY 10 CS6701 Syllabus Cryptography and Network Security
Services, Mechanisms and attacks-the OSI security architecture-Network security model-Classical Encryption techniques (Symmetric cipher model, substitution techniques, transposition techniques, steganography).FINITE FIELDS AND NUMBER THEORY: Groups, Rings, Fields-Modular arithmetic-Euclid‟s algorithm-Finite fields- Polynomial Arithmetic –Prime numbers-Fermat‟s and Euler‟s theorem-Testing for primality -The Chinese remainder theorem- Discrete logarithms.

UNIT II BLOCK CIPHERS & PUBLIC KEY CRYPTOGRAPHY 10 CS6701 Syllabus Cryptography and Network Security
Data Encryption Standard-Block cipher principles-block cipher modes of operation-Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-Triple DES-Blowfish-RC5 algorithm. Public key cryptography: Principles of public key cryptosystems-The RSA algorithm-Key management – Diffie Hellman Key exchange-Elliptic curve arithmetic-Elliptic curve cryptography.

UNIT III HASH FUNCTIONS AND DIGITAL SIGNATURES 8 CS6701 Syllabus Cryptography and Network Security
Authentication requirement – Authentication function – MAC – Hash function – Security of hash function and MAC –MD5 – SHA – HMAC – CMAC – Digital signature and authentication protocols – DSS – EI Gamal – Schnorr.

UNIT IV SECURITY PRACTICE & SYSTEM SECURITY 8 CS6701 Syllabus Cryptography and Network Security
Authentication applications – Kerberos – X.509 Authentication services – Internet Firewalls for Trusted System: Roles of Firewalls – Firewall related terminology- Types of Firewalls – Firewall designs – SET for E-Commerce Transactions. Intruder – Intrusion detection system – Virus and related threats – Countermeasures – Firewalls design principles – Trusted systems – Practical implementation of cryptography and security.

UNIT V E-MAIL, IP & WEB SECURITY 9 CS6701 Syllabus Cryptography and Network Security
E-mail Security: Security Services for E-mail-attacks possible through E-mail – establishing keys privacy-authentication of the source-Message Integrity-Non-repudiation-Pretty Good Privacy-S/MIME. IPSecurity: Overview of IPSec – IP and IPv6-Authentication Header-Encapsulation Security Payload (ESP)-Internet Key Exchange (Phases of IKE, ISAKMP/IKE Encoding). Web Security: SSL/TLS Basic Protocol-computing the keys- client authentication-PKI as deployed by SSLAttacks fixed in v3- Exportability-Encoding-Secure Electronic Transaction (SET).

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