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VTU Semester Question Papers for Mechanical - BE / B.Tech

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Visvesvaraya Technological University - VTU University question papers for Mechanical Engineering - ME (Mech) department/branch semester examination. Download old papers, solved question banks with answer, important questions with answers, Model question papers, important 16 marks and 2 marks questions with answer, syllabus, scheme, notes, reference book for each subject for B.E / B.Tech 2010, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 regulation for VTU university Bangalore, Belagavi, Kalaburagi, Mysore, Gulbarga and Belgaum affiliated colleges.

Find previous year questions papers listed subject wise below in the order first - 1st, second - 2nd, third - 3rd, fourth - 4th, fifth - 5th, sixth - 6th, seventh - 7th and eighth - 8th semesters. All documents are in PDF format for downloading.

Hope this will help you in getting good marks in your semester examination. ALL THE BEST.


First  & Second Semester: Click Here


17MAT31 Engineering Mathematics – III
17ME32 Materials Science

17ME33 Basic Thermodynamics

17ME34 Mechanics of Materials

17ME35A Metal Casting and Welding

17ME35B Machine Tools and Operations

17ME36A Computer Aided Machine Drawing
17ME36B Mechanical Measurements and Metrology


1 17MAT41 Engineering Mathematics – III
2 17ME42 Kinematics of Machinery
17ME43 Applied Thermodynamics

4 17ME44 Fluid mechanics
17ME45A Metal Casting and Welding

17ME45B Machine Tools and Operations
17ME46A Computer Aided Machine Drawing

17ME46B Mechanical Measurements and Metrology


17ME51 Management and Engineering Economics

17ME52 Dynamics of Machinery

17ME53 Turbo Machines

17ME54 Design of Machine Elements - I

17ME551 Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

17ME561 Optimization Techniques
17ME552 Theory of Elasticity
17ME562 Energy and Environment
17ME553 Human Resource Management
17ME563 Automation and Robotics

17ME554 Non Traditional Machining

17ME564 Project Managemet


17ME61 Finite Element Analysis

17ME62 Computer integrated Manufacturing
17ME63 Heat Transfer
17ME64 Design of Machine Elements -II

17ME651 Computational Fluid Dynamics
17ME661 Energy Auditing
17ME652 Mechanics of Composite Materials
17ME662 Industrial Safety
17ME653 Metal Forming
17ME663 Maintenance Engineering
17ME654 Tool Design
17ME664 Total Quality Management

17ME655 Automobile Engineering


17ME71 Energy Engineering

17ME72 Fluid Power Systems

17ME73 Control Engineering

17ME741 Design of Thermal Equipments
17ME751 Automotive Electronics
17ME742 Tribology
17ME752 Fracture Mechanics
17ME743 Financial Management
17ME753 Mechatronics

17ME744 Design for Manufacturing
17ME754 Advanced Vibrations
17ME745 Smart Materials & MEMS


1 17ME81 Operations Research
2 17ME82 Additive Manufacturing
17ME831 Cryogenics
17ME832 Experimental Stress Analysis
17ME833 Theory of Plasticity
17ME834 Green Manufacturing
17ME835 Product life cycle management


15MAT31 Engineering Mathematics - III

    15MATDIP31 Additional Mathematics - I

      15ME32 Materials Science

      15ME33 Basic Thermodynamics

      15ME34 Mechanics of Materials

      15ME35A Metal Casting and Welding

      15ME35B Machine Tools and Operations

      15ME36A Computer Aided Machine Drawing
      15ME36B Mechanical Measurements and Metrology


      15MAT41 Engineering Mathematics - IV

            15ME42 Kinematics of Machinery
            15ME43 Applied Thermodynamics

            4 15ME44 Fluid mechanics
            15ME45A Metal Casting and Welding

            15ME45B Machine Tools and Operations
            15ME46A Computer Aided Machine Drawing

            15ME46B Mechanical Measurements and Metrology

            SEMESTER V

            15ME51 Management and Engineering Economics

            15ME52 Dynamics of Machinery

            15ME53 Turbo Machines

            15ME54 Design of Machine Elements - I

            15ME551 Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

            15ME561 Optimization Techniques
            15ME552 Theory of Elasticity
            15ME562 Energy and Environment
            15ME553 Human Resource Management
            15ME563 Automation and Robotics

            15ME554 Non Traditional Machining

            15ME564 Project Managemet

            SEMESTER VI

            15ME61 Finite Element Analysis

            15ME62 Computer integrated Manufacturing
            15ME63 Heat Transfer
            15ME64 Design of Machine Elements -II

            15ME651 Computational Fluid Dynamics
            15ME661 Energy Auditing
            15ME652 Mechanics of Composite Materials
            15ME662 Industrial Safety
            15ME653 Metal Forming
            15ME663 Maintenance Engineering
            15ME654 Tool Design
            15ME664 Total Quality Management

            15ME655 Automobile Engineering

            SEMESTER VII

            15ME71 Energy Engineering

            15ME72 Fluid Power Systems

            15ME73 Control Engineering

            15ME741 Design of Thermal Equipments
            15ME751 Automotive Electronics
            15ME742 Tribology
            15ME752 Fracture Mechanics
            15ME743 Financial Management
            15ME753 Mechatronics

            15ME744 Design for Manufacturing
            15ME754 Advanced Vibrations
            15ME745 Smart Materials & MEMS

            SEMESTER VIII

            1 15ME81 Operations Research
            2 15ME82 Additive Manufacturing
            15ME831 Cryogenics
            15ME832 Experimental Stress Analysis
            15ME833 Theory of Plasticity
            15ME834 Green Manufacturing
            15ME835 Product life cycle management

            Third Semester - 3rd:

            Engineering Mathematics III- 10MAT31

            Material Science & Metallurgy - 10ME32A

            Basic Thermodynamics - 10ME33

            Mechanics of Materials - 10ME34

            Manufacturing Process I - 10ME35

            Material Sc. & Metallurgy - 10ME32A

            Computer Aided Machine Drawing - 10ME36A

            Fluid Mechanics - 10ME36B

            Fourth Semester - 4th:

            Engineering Mathematics IV - 10MAT41

            10ME42A/10ME42B Material Sc. & Metallurgy / Mechanical Measurements & Metrology

            Applied Thermodynamics - 10ME43

            10ME44 Kinematics of Machines Mechanical

            Manufacturing Process II - 10ME4 / 10AU45

            Computer Aided Machine Drawing / Fluid Mechanics - 10ME46A/10ME46B

            Fifth Semester - 5th:

            Management and Entrepreneurship - 10AL51

            Design of Machine Elements I - 10ME52

            10ME53 Energy Engineering

            Dynamics of Machines- 10ME54

            Manufacturing Process III - 10ME55

            Turbo Machines - 10ME56

            Sixth Semester - 6th:

            Computer Integrated Manufacturing - 10ME61

            Design of Machine Elements II - 10ME62

            Heat & Mass Transfer - 10ME63

            Finite Element Methods - 10ME64

            Mechatronics and Microprocessor - 10ME65

            10ME661 Theory of Elasticity
            10ME662 Mechanics of Composite Materials
            10ME663 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
            10ME664 Design of Heat Exchangers
            10ME665 Non-Traditional Machining

            Knowledge Management - 10ME666

            10ME667 Project Management

            Statistical Quality Control - 10ME668

            Seventh Semester - 7th:

            10ME71 Economics

            Mechanical Vibrations - 10ME72

            Hydraulics and Pneumatics - 10ME73

            10ME74 Operations Research
            10ME751 Mechanism Design
            10ME761 Experimental Stress Analysis
            10ME752 Theory of Plasticity
            10ME762 Tool Design
            10ME753 Engineering Design
            10ME763 Cryogenics
            10ME754 Non Conventional Energy Sources
            10ME764 Smart Materials
            10ME755 Gas Dynamics
            10ME765 Agile Manufacturing
            10ME756 Management Information System
            10ME766 Robotics
            10ME757 Automation in Manufacturing
            10ME767 Finance Management
            10ME758 Total Quality Management
            10ME768 Micro & Smart System Technology
            10ME769 Product Life Cycle Management

            Eight Semester - 8th:

            Operations Management - 10ME81

            Control Engineering - 10ME82

            10ME831 Tribology 10ME841 Machine Tool Design
            10ME832 Fracture Mechanics
            10ME842 Industrial Engineering & Ergonomics
            10ME833 Power Plant Engineering
            10ME843 Bio Mass Energy Systems
            10ME834 Nanotechnology

            Automotive Engineering - 10ME844

            10ME835 Organisational Behaviour and Professional Communication
            10ME845 Database Management System
            10ME836 Computer Graphics
            10ME846 Artificial Intelligence
            10ME837 Rapid Prototyping
            10ME847 Design of Experiments

            Foundry Technology - 10ME838

            10ME848 Design for Manufacture & Assembly

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