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VTU Question Papers for ECE - B.E / B.Tech

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Visvesvaraya Technological University - VTU University question papers for Electronics and communication Engineering - ECE department/branch semester examination. Download old papers, solved question banks with answer, important questions with answers, Model question papers, important 16 marks and 2 marks questions with answer, syllabus, scheme, notes, reference book for each subject for B.E / B.Tech 2010, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 regulation for VTU university Bangalore, Belagavi, Kalaburagi, Mysore, Gulbarga and Belgaum affiliated colleges.

Find previous year questions papers listed subject wise below in the order first - 1st, second - 2nd, third - 3rd, fourth - 4th, fifth - 5th, sixth - 6th, seventh - 7th and eighth - 8th semesters. All documents are in PDF format for downloading.

Hope this will help you in getting good marks in your semester examination. ALL THE BEST.


First  & Second Semester: Click Here


1 17MAT31 Engineering Mathematics –III
2 17EC32 Electronic Instrumentation
3 17EC33 Analog Electronics
4 17EC34 Digital Electronics
5 17EC35 Network Analysis
6 17EC36 Engineering Electromagnetics


1 17MAT41 Engineering Mathematics –IV
2 17EC42 Signals and Systems
3 17EC43 Control Systems
4 17EC44 Principles of Communication Systems
5 17EC45 Linear Integrated Circuits
6 17EC46 Microprocessor


1 17ES51 Management and Entrepreneurship Development
2 17EC52 Digital Signal Processing
3 17EC53 Verilog HDL
4 17EC54 Information Theory & Coding
17EC551 Nanoelectronics
17EC561 Automotive Electronics
17EC552 Switching & Finite Automata Theory
17EC562 Object Oriented Programming Using C++
17EC553 Operating System
17EC563 8051 Microcontroller
17EC554 Electrical Engineering Materials
17EC555 MSP430 Microcontroller


1 17EC61 Digital Communication
2 17EC62 ARM Microcontroller & Embedded Systems
3 17EC63 VLSI Design
4 17EC64 Computer Communication Networks
17EC651 Cellular Mobile Communication
17EC661 Data Structures Using C++
17EC652 Adaptive Signal Processing
17EC662 Power Electronics (not for E&C students)
17EC653 Artificial Neural Networks
17EC663 Digital System Design using Verilog
17EC654 Digital Switching Systems
17EC655 Microelectronics


1 17EC71 Microwave and Antennas
2 17EC72 Digital Image Processing
3 17EC73 Power Electronics
17EC741 Multimedia Communication
17EC751 DSP Algorithms and Architecture
17EC742 Biomedical Signal Processing
17EC752 IOT and Wireless Sensor Networks
17EC743 Real Time Systems
17EC753 Pattern Recognition
17EC744 Cryptography
17EC754 Advanced Computer Architecture
17EC745 CAD for VLSI
17EC755 Satellite Communication


1 17EC81 Wireless Cellular and LTE 4G Broadband EC
2 17EC82 Fiber Optics & Networks EC
17EC831 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
17EC832 Speech Processing
17EC833 Radar Engineering
17EC834 Machine learning
17EC835 Network and Cyber Security


15MAT31 Engineering Mathematics - III

15MATDIP31 Additional Mathematics - I

15EC32 Analog Electronics

15EC33 Digital Electronics

15EC34 Network Analysis

15EC35 Electronic Instrumentation

15EC36 Engineering Electromagnetics


15MAT41 Engineering Mathematics - IV

    15EC42 Microprocessor

    15EC43 Control Systems

    15EC44 Signals and Systems

    15EC45 Principles of Communication Systems

    15EC46 Linear Integrated Circuits


    15ES51 Management and Entrepreneurship Development

    15EC52 Digital Signal Processing

    15EC53 Verilog HDL

    15EC54 Information Theory & Coding

    15EC551 Nanoelectronics
    15EC561 Automotive Electronics

    15EC552 Switching & Finite Automata Theory
    15EC562 Object Oriented Programming Using C++

    15EC553 Operating System

    15EC563 8051 Microcontroller

    15EC554 Electrical Engineering Materials
    15EC555 MSP430 Microcontroller


    15EC61 Digital Communication

    15EC62 ARM Microcontroller & Embedded Systems

    15EC63 VLSI Design

    15EC64 Computer Communication Networks

    15EC651 Cellular Mobile Communication
    15EC661 Data Structures Using C++
    15EC652 Adaptive Signal Processing
    15EC662 Power Electronics
    15EC653 Artificial Neural Networks
    15EC654 Digital Switching Systems

    15EC663 Digital System Design using Verilog

    15EC655 Microelectronics


    15EC71 Microwave and Antennas
    15EC72 Digital Image Processing
    15EC73 Power Electronics
    15EC741 Multimedia Communication
    15EC751 DSP Algorithms and Architecture
    15EC742 Biomedical Signal Processing
    15EC752 IoT and Wireless Sensor Networks
    15EC743 Real Time Systems
    15EC753 Pattern Recognition
    15EC744 Cryptography
    15EC754 Advanced Computer Architecture
    15EC745 CAD for VLSI
    15EC755 Satellite Communication


    1 15EC81 Wireless Cellular and LTE 4G Broadband
    2 15EC82 Fiber Optics & Networks
    15EC831 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
    15EC832 Speech Processing
    15EC833 Radar Engineering
    15EC834 Machine learning
    15EC835 Network and Cyber Security

    Third Semester - 3rd:

    Engineering Mathematics III- 10MAT31

    Analog Electronic Circuits - 10ES32

    Logic Design - 10ES33

    Network Analysis- 10ES34

    Electronic Instrumentation - 10IT35

    Field Theory - 10ES36

    Fourth Semester - 4th:

    Engineering Mathematics IV - 10MAT41

    Advanced Mathematics II - 10MAT401

    Microcontrollers - 10ES42

    Control Systems - 10ES43

    Signals & Systems - 10EC44

    Fundamentals of HDL - 10EC45

    Linear ICs & Applications - 10EC46

    Fifth Semester - 5th:

    Management and Entrepreneurship - 10AL51

    Digital Signal Processing - 10EC52

    Analog Communication- 10EC53

    Microwaves and Radar - 10EC54

    Information Theory and Coding - 10EC55

    Fundamentals of CMOS VLSI - 10EC56

    Sixth Semester - 6th:

    Digital Communication - 10EC61/ 10TE61

    Microprocessors - 10EC62/ 10TE62

    Microelectronics Circuits - 10EC63

    Antennas and Propagation - 10EC64

    Operating Systems - 10EC65

    Analog and Mixed Mode VLSI Design - 10EC661

    Low Power VLSI Design - 10EC664

    Satellite Communications - 10EC662

    Programming in C++ - 10EC665

    10EC663 Random Process

    Digital System Design Using Verilog - 10EC666

    10EC667 Virtual Instrumentation

    Seventh Semester - 7th:

    Computer Communication Networks - 10EC71 / 10TE71

    Optical Fiber Communication - 10EC72 / 10TE72

    Power Electronics - 10EC73

    Embedded System Design - 10EC74

    DSP Algorithms and Architecture - 10EC751

    10EC761 Programming in C++
    10EC752 Micro and Smart Systems Technology

    Real Time Systems - 10EC762 / 10TC762

    10EC753 Artificial Neural Network
    10EC763 Image Processing
    10EC754 CAD for VLSI
    10EC764 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits
    10EC755 Applied Embedded System Design*
    10EC765 Wavelet Transforms
    10EC756 Speech Processing
    10EC766 Modeling and Simulation of Data Networks

    Eighth Semester - 8th:

    Wireless Communication - 10EC81

    Digital Switching Systems - 10EC82

    10EC831 Distributed Systems

    Multimedia Communication - 10EC841 / 10TE841

    Network Security - 10EC832

    10EC842 Real Time Operating Systems
    10EC833 Optical Networks

    GSM - 10EC843

    High Performance Computing Networks - 10EC834 / 10EC835 / 10TE835

    10EC844 Ad-hoc Wireless Networks
    10EC835 Internet Engineering
    10EC845 Optical Computing

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