Anna University Question Papers for Aeronautical Engineering

Download Anna university question papers for Aeronautical Engineering ( AE ) department/branch semester examination. Download old papers, solved question banks, important questions with answers, Model question papers, important 16marks and 2marks questions with answer, syllabus, reference book for each subject for B.E / B.Tech 2008, 2010 and 2013 regulation for Anna university Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli/Trichy, Tirunelveli and Madurai affiliated colleges.

Find previous year questions papers listed subject wise below in the order first - 1st, second - 2nd, third - 3rd, fourth - 4th, fifth - 5th, sixth - 6th, seventh - 7th and eighth - 8th semesters. All documents are in PDF format for downloading.

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First  & Second Semester Papers:
    Third Semester - 3rd:

    Transforms and Partial Differential Equation - MA2211
    Mechanics of Machines - AE2201
    Aero Engineering Thermodynamics - AE2202
    Fluid Mechanics and Machinery - ME2204
    AE 2203 Solid Mechanics
    AE 2204 Elements of Aeronautics

    1. MA6351 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations
    2. ME6352 Manufacturing Technology
    3. AE6301 Aero Engineering Thermodynamics
    4. CE6451 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
    5. CE6452 Solid Mechanics
    6. AE6302 Elements of Aeronautics

    Fourth Semester - 4th:
    Aerodynamics I - AE2251
    Aircraft Systems and Instruments - AE2252
    AE 2253 Production Technology
    Aircraft Structures I - AE2254
    AE 2255 Propulsion-I

    1. MA6459 Numerical Methods
    2. AE6401 Aerodynamics - I
    3. AE6402 Aircraft Systems and Instruments
    4. AT6302 Mechanics of Machines
    5. AE6403 Aircraft Structures - I
    6. AE6404 Propulsion - I

    Fifth Semester - 5th:

    AE 2301 Flight Dynamics
    AE 2302 Aircraft Structures - II
    AE 2303 Aerodynamics - II
    AE 2304 Propulsion -II
    EE 2365 Control Engineering

    Environmental Science and Engineering - GE2021
    1. AE6501 Flight Dynamics
    2. AE6502 Aircraft Structures - II
    3. AE6503 Aerodynamics - II
    4. AE6504 Propulsion - II
    5. AE6505 Control Engineering
    6. GE6351 Environmental Science and Engineering

    Sixth Semester - 6th:

    Finite Element Method - AE2351
    AE2352 Experimental Stress Analysis
    Wind Tunnel Techniques - AE2353

    High temperature materials - AE2354
    AE2021 Theory of Elasticity
    AE2022 Aircraft General Engineering And Maintenance Practices
    AE2023 Space Mechanics

    AE2024 Heat Transfer

    1. MG6851 Principles of Management
    2. AE6601 Finite Element Methods
    3. AE6602 Vibrations and Elements of Aeroelasticity
    4. AE6603 Composite Materials and Structures
    5. AE6604 Aircraft Materials and Processes
    1. AE6001 Theory of Elasticity
    2. AE6002 Aircraft General Engineering and Maintenance Practices
    3. AE6003 Space Mechanics
    4. AE6004 Heat Transfer

    Seventh Semester - 7th:

    Total Quality Management - GE2022
      Vibrations And Elements of Aero elasticity - AE2403
      AE2401 Avionics
      AE2402 Computational Fluid Dynamics
      AE2025 Helicopter Theory
      AE2029 Theory of Plates and Shells
      AE2030 Fatigue And Fracture
      AE2026 Industrial Aerodynamics
      AE2027 Airframe Maintenance and Repair
      AE2028 Aero Engine Maintenance and Repair

      1. GE6757 Total Quality Management
      2. AE6701 Avionics
      3. ME6014 Computational Fluid Dynamics
      4. AE6702 Experimental Stress Analysis
      1. AE6005 Helicopter Theory
      2. AE6006 Theory of Plates and Shells
      3. AE6007 Fatigue and Fracture
      4. AE6008 UAV Systems
      1. AE6009 Industrial Aerodynamics
      2. AE6010 Airframe Maintenance and Repair
      3. AE6011 Aero Engine Maintenance and Repair
      4. AE6012 Air Traffic Control and Planning

      Eight Semester - 8th:

      Composite Materials And Structures - AE2451
      Engine System And Control - AE2037
      AE2031 Hypersonic Aerodynamics
      AE2032 Experimental Aerodynamics
      AE2033 Rockets and Missiles
      AE2034 Structural Dynamics
      AE2035 Air Traffic Control and Planning
      AE2036 Production Planning And Control

      1. AE6801 Wind Tunnel Techniques
      1. AE6013 Hypersonic Aerodynamics
      2. AE6014 Experimental Aerodynamics
      3. AE6015 Rockets and Missiles
      4. AE6016 Structural Dynamics