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Mechanical Engineering – CEPTAM Question Paper 1

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The Mechanical Engineering multiple choice questions for CEPTAM STA exam which are also useful as the sample question paper for SAIL Operator cum Technician (OCT) Trainee Exam, Junior Engineer PWD Department, Junior Engineer in Public Sector Undertaking Companies, and other recruitment exams based on Diploma engineering.

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1. Expressing a dimension as 36.2/36.0 mm is the case of
(a) Bilateral tolerancing (b) Limiting dimensions
(c) Unilateral tolerancing (d) Plus-minus tolerancing

2. Auto collimator is used for ………measurement.
(a) Straightness (b) Angular
(c) Linear movement (d) Flatness

3. Which of the following gives an idea about the ability of the equipment to detect small variation in the input signal (quantity being measured)?
(a) Readability (b) Accuracy
(c) Sensitivity (d) Precision

4. Parasitic error is caused due to
(a) Improper use of measuring instrument
(b) Wrong design of instrument
(c) Changes in ambient conditions
(d) Errors in computation

5. The cutting speed of a drill depends upon the
(a) Material of drill (b) Type of material to be drilled
(c) Quality of surface finish desired (d) All of these

6. A twist drill is a/an
(a) Side cutting tool (b) Front cutting tool
(c) End cutting tool (d) None of these

7. Drilling is an example of
(a) Simple cutting (b) Uniform cutting
(c) Orthogonal cutting (d) Oblique cutting

8. Which of the following is not the part of a shaper?
(a) Clapper box (b) Ram
(c) Table (d) Cross Slide

9. The tool used for drilling holes of large diameter (diameter greater than 80 mm) is
(a) Trepanning drill (b) Double-flute twist drill
(c) Single flute drill (d) Multiple flute drill with a web

10. The process that provides a recess for seating of bolt heads and nuts is
(a) Spot facing (b) Counter sinking
(c) Reaming (d) Counter boring

11. The work-holding device used for finishing the work which has been bored and partly turned on the lathe is
(a) An Arbor (b) A steady rest
(c) A collet chuck (d) A Mandrel

12. A hold of 1 mm is to be drilled in glass. It could best be done by
(a) Laser drilling (b) Plasma arc drilling
(c) Ultrasonic method (d) Electro-chemical discharge method

13. The abrasive slurry used in ultrasonic machining contains fine particles of
(a) Aluminium oxide (b) Boron carbide
(c) Silicon carbide (d) Any one of these

14. Buffing wheels are made of
(a) Softer metals (b) Cotton fabric
(c) Carbon (d) Graphite

15. In worm gears, the angle between the tangent to the pitch helix and an element of the cylinder is known as
(a) Helix angle (b) Pressure angle
(c) Pitch lead angle (d) None of these

16. The rubbing speed of worm gear is said to be
(a) 2.5 m/s (b) 5 m/s
(c) 7.5 m/s (d) 12.5 m/s

17. A V-belt should touch the pulley groove at the
(a) Sides only (b) Bottom only
(c) Bottom and sides (d) One side only

18. The type of gears used for noise-free power transmission is
(a) Spur gears (b) Helical gears
(c) Involute gears (d) Epicyclic gears

19. The gears used to connect two non-intersecting non-coplanar shafts are
(a) Bevel gears (b) Helical gears
(c) Spiral gears (d) Spur gears

20. The surface of the gear tooth below the pitch surface is known as
(a) Flank (b) Dedendum
(c) Addendum (d) Face

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