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GATE 2016 Question Papers - All Departments

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Previous year question paper for GATE 2016 examination. Download the solved question papers for all departments or subjects for GATE exams conducted in 2016. GATE entrance exam question papers with answers (Solved). Here you can download all the papers for various departments in the pdf format. Find papers for all the department and subject (CS, EC, EE, IN, ME, CE and PI).The answer key and question paper for the GATE exam conducted for in 2016 is loaded for all department. You can download answer keys for question papers along with the solution for below mentioned subjects.

GATE Examination syllabus

GATE Papers:
GATE papers can be a good practice for any competitive technical exams like DRDO, ISRO, REC, etc. As candidates we can prepare for GATE exams and try solving the papers for getting good score in other entrance examinations.

Download GATE Papers

Books which you can refer for GATE examination. There are various books in the market. If you want to buy any books mentioned below please click on the book name. Ebooks for GATE can be download from some other website.

GATE Books

Question Paper 2016
AE: Aerospace EngineeringGG: Geology and Geophysics
AG: Agricultural EngineeringIN: Instrumentation Engineering
AR: Architecture and PlanningMA: Mathematics
BT: BiotechnologyME: Mechanical Engineering ( ME01 ME02 ME03 )
CE: Civil Engineering ( CE01 CE02 )MN: Mining Engineering
CH: Chemical EngineeringMT: Metallurgical Engineering
CS: Computer Sc. and Information Technology ( CS01 CS02 )PE: Petroleum Engineering
CY: ChemistryPH: Physics
EC: Electronics and Communication Engg. (EC01 EC02EC03 )PI: Production and Industrial Engineering
EE: Electrical Engineering ( EE01 EE02 )TF: Textile Engineering and Fibre Science
EY: Ecology and EvolutionXE: Engineering Sciences (XE-A , XE-B XE-C , XE-D, XE-E, XE-F,XE-G )
XL: Life Sciences ( XL-H , XL-I , XL-J XL-K , XL-L , XL-M )

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