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DRDO CEPTAM 06 Question Papers of General Awareness 2013

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Download CEPTAM question papers of DRDO. The question paper is from Computer Based Recruitment Test, 2013 held across India.

There are various reference books which you can refer and download for the DRDO SETexamination. You can also refer other PSU papers as it will given a idea about question. Please do prepare the subjects of you respective branches this will make your chances of clearing exam more. All the best. Below you can find the list of books which you can refer and the author. Please add your suggestion of books in comment box below.

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DRDO CEPTAM 06 - Model Question Papers of General Awareness/Current Affairs 2013 Questions with answers for all upcoming PSU/IT/Bank and other competitive Examinations

1       Agni-IV which was in news recently is a  --------------------
1.    War plane
2.    Missile
3.    Cubmarine
4     Patton Tank
Ans:       2

2.     Which of the following is used as a raw material in nuclear power generation?
1    Sodium
2     Zinc
3    Cobalt
4    Thorium
Ans:       4

3.         NRI Day is observed on
1    9th January
2    19th January
3    29th January
4    19th June
Ans:       1

4         Which of the following is NOT a famous brand of Cement sold in India?
1    Ambuja
2    ACC
3     Ultra Tech
4     Religare
Ans:       4

5.         Mr. Hun Sen whose name was in news recently is the -------------------
1    Prime Minister of Vietnam
2    Prime Minister of China
3     President of Vietnam
4    Prime Minister of Cambodia
Ans:    4

6.         The Headquarters of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) are located in
1    Geneva
2     London
3    New York
4    Washington Dc
Ans:       1

7          Which of the following is the name of a bank finance scheme launched by the Government of India to provide employment opportunities to poor people?
1    SJSRY
2     RAY
3    ASHA
4    SEWA
Ans:       1

8.         Who among the following has written the book “Non Stop India”?
1    Rahul Gandhi
2    Salman Khurshid
3    Manmohan Singh
4     Mark Tully        
Ans:       4

9         Which of the following is a metal?
1    Tungsten
2    Sulpher
3     Camphur
4    Nitrogen
Ans:       1

10         Which key should be pressed to start a new page in MS-Word?
1     Down Cursor Key
2     Enter Key
3     Shift + Enter
4    Shift + Ctrl + Enter
Ans:       4

11 . The person who become the first Indian Circumnavigate Globe Solo and non-stop on a sail boat -
1     Hari Ram Kumar
2     Lt. Cdr. Abhilash Tomy
3     Lt. Ramadose
4     None of them
Ans: 2

12 . Which day has been declared by United Nation General Assembly as the World Autism Awareness Day ?
1     April 2
2     May 5
3     March 3
4     June 15
Ans: 1

13 . The Fifth Summit of BRICS was held on March 26-27, 2013 in -
1     New Delhi (India)
2     Moscow (Russia)
3     Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
4     Durban (South Africa)
Ans: 4

14. In which of the following city, the first women Post Office in the country has been established in March 2013?
1     Mumbai
2     Kolkata
3     New Delhi
4     Chennai
Ans: 3

15. The International Newspaper which had won four Pulitzer Prize on April 15, 2013 including the award for investigative reporting for stories -
1     The Washington Post
2     The Telegraph
3     New Work Times
4     The Sun
Ans: 3

16. Kovvada Nuclear Power Plant which was recently in news is being set up in -
1     Karnataka
2     Andhra Pradesh
3     Chhattisgarh
4     Odisa
Ans: 2

17. Which country reached an agreement with Kosovo on overcoming ethnic enmities?
1     Macedoonia
2     Serbia
3     France
4     Albania
Ans: 2

18. The International Day for Biological Diversity was observed on -
1     25th May
2     24th May
3     23rd May
4     22nd May
Ans: 4

19. The largest biogas plant of the world was inaugurated in March 2013 in -
1     USA
2     Ireland
3     Finland
4     Germany
Ans: 3

20. Who was appointed as the Chairman of the Asian forum of Parliamentarians on Population and development on April 11, 2013 at Bangkok?
1     Hamid Ansari
2     P. J. Kurien
3     Mamta Sharma
4     Ila Bhat
Ans: 2

21. The President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee on April 30, 2013 inaugurated the 14 mega watt Solar Power Project at -
1     Nashik
2     Sri Nagar
3     Deoghar
4     Hyderabad
Ans: 3

22. China recently became ________ arms exporter.
1     The world's second largest
2     The world's fourth largest
3     The world's fifth largest
4     The world's sixth largest
Ans: 3

23. Which research centre announced that it was developing the largest magnet of the world (weight would be 50000 tons)?
1     NASA, USA
2     Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India
3     CERN, Geneva
4     ISRO, India
Ans: 2

24. Which compost plant become the first in India to receive carbon credit worth Rs.25 lakh from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change?
1     Mumbai Compost Plant
2     Kanpur Composting PLant
3     Rotopala Composting Plant
4     Okhla Compost PLant
Ans: 4

25. Which Malaysian budget carrier to launch the new airline along with Tata Group and Telestra Tradeplace?
1     Jet Star
2     Tiger Airways
3     Air Asia
4     Cebu Pacific
Ans: 3

26. Name the two PSUs, which were granted the Maharatna status by the Union Government of India in February 2013?
1     ONGC and NTPC
2     BHEL and GAIL
3     ONGC and GAIL
4     Coal India and SAIL
Ans: 2

27. Who has won the "Entrepreneur of the Decade" award conferred by All India Management Association in New Delhi?
1     Mr. Ratan Tata
2     Mr. Narayan Murti
3     Mr. Mukesh Ambani
4     Mr. Sunil Mittal
Ans: 3

28. Who is the winner of prestigious Jnanpith award for the 2012?
1     Amar Kant (Hindi)
2     Dr. Ravuri Bharadwaja (Telgu)
3     Pratibha Ray (Odia)
4     Shrilal Shukla (Hindi)
Ans: 2

29 The proposed allocation for the newly launched "National Livestock Mission" in the Union Budget 2013-14 is
1     Rs.304 crore
2     Rs.300 crore
3     Rs.310 crore
4     Rs.307 crore
Ans: 4

30. To encourage farmers to switch to alternative crops from rice and wheat, the Budget 2013-14 has pledged
1     Rs.700 crore
2     Rs.600 crore
3     Rs.500 crore
4     Rs.400 crore
Ans: 3

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