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DRDO CEPTAM 2014 Paper for CSE

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This paper mainly consist of questions from Aptitude, Technical( Computer Science ) and some generally asked interview questions.

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A) Aptitude Questions:

1. For which field was SAMYUKTA developed and used?

a) RAC

b) Navy

c) Army

d) Air force

2. Complete the following series with the next two numbers: 3, 5, 11, 21

a) 35 and 53

b) 34 and 52

c) 35 and 52

d) 34 and 53

3. In which year was DRDO formed?

a) 1950

b) 1954

c) 1947

d) 1958

4. Find the values of (A*B).A for the vectors A = 3i – 2j+k and B = 2i-k.

a) 1

b) 3

c) 0

d) 2

5. Choose the correct alternative what will be equivalent to hen, when kennel is to a dog.

a) Coop

b) Nest

c) Stable

d) Hole

6 .How will you write PARIS if DELHI is written as EDHIL?





7. Which gas causes Green House Effect in the atmosphere?

a) N2 level

b) SO2 level

c) CO2 level

d) CO level

8. From the below mentioned list of words, choose the words which are incorrectly spelt.

 Accomodate, Forty, Exaggerate, Continous, Independent, Etiquette, Receipt.

a) 1

b) 4

c) 3

d) 2

9. Choose the correct alternative to which DARL 202 is a variety of:

a) Capsicum

b) Tomato

c) Pea

d) Garlic

10. Find the two numbers whose sum of two numbers is 16 and the sum of their squares is a minimum.

a) 9,7

b) 5,11

c) 10,6

d) 8,8

11. At the eye tip of a centrifugal impeller, blade velocity is 200 m/s while the uniform axial velocity at the inlet is 150 m/s. If the sonic velocity is 300 m/s, then the inlet Mach number of the flow will be

a) 0.75                       

b) .66                            

c) 0.90                              

d) 0.83

12. The five items: A, B, C, D, and E are pushed in a stack, one after the other starting from A. The stack is popped four times and each element Is inserted in a queue. Then two elements are deleted from the queue and pushed back on the stack. Now one item is popped from the stack. The popped item is

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D

13. A metallic cube of side 10 cm, density 6.8 gm/cc is floating in liquid mercury (density 13.6gm/cc), with 5 cm height of cube exposed above the mercury level. Water (density 1 gm/cc) is filled over this, to submerge the cube fully. The new height of cube exposed above mercury level is

a) 4.6 cm                 

b) 5.4 cm                      

c) 5.0 cm                          

d) 5.8 cm

14. Which of the following statements will stand true, if A, B and C are three places in India with longitudes 80E, 85E and 90E respectively?

a) A, B and C all have the local time

b) Local time of C is ahead of that of B

c) Local time of A is ahead of that of C

d) Local time of B is ahead of that of C

15. Choose the correct alternative to state the meaning of word Audacity.

a) Boldness

b) Daring

c) Both A & B

d) None of the above

16. The pressure drop for a relatively low Reynolds number flow in a 600 mm, 30 m long pipeline is 7OkPa. What is the wall shear stress?

a) 50 Pa                     

b) 1400 Pa                          

c) 700 Pa                    

d) 350 Pa

17.The radiative heat transfer rate per unit area (W/m2) between two plane parallel grey surfaces (emissivity 0.9) maintained at 400 K and 300 K is (Stefan Boltzmann constant σ = 5.67 x 10 W/m2k4)

a) 1020                    

b) 464                         

c) 812                                

d) 567

18. A hydraulic press has a ram of 15 cm diameter and plunger of 1.5 cm. It is required to lift a mass of 1000kg. The force required on plunger is nearly equal to

a) 100N                

b) 1000N                  

c) 10000N                    

d) 10N

B) Technical- Computer Science Questions

1. What does IEEE 802.11 stand for?

a) Broadband Wireless

b) Wireless LANs

c) Ethernet

d) Bluetooth

2. What is SSL not responsible for?

a) Data integrity protection

b) Mutual authentication of client & server

c) Secret communication

d) Error detection & correction

3. A language that provides garbage collection automatically is:

a) C++

b) C

c) Fortran

d) Lisp

4. What does Armstrong’s inference rule doesn’t determine?

a) Transitivity

b) Reflexivity

c) Augmentation

d) Mutual dependency

5 ) Who determines the number of page frames that must be allocated to a running process in a virtual memory environment?

a) Page size

b) The instruction set architecture

c) Physical memory size

d) Number of processes in memory

6. What does bit stuffing refer to?

a) Appending a nibble to the flag sequence

b) Inserting a ‘0’ in user stream to differentiate it with a flag

c) Appending a nibble to the use data stream

d) Inserting a ‘0’ in flag stream to avoid ambiguity

7. What is the role of Ethernet hub?

a) Connects to a token – ring network

b) Functions as a repeater

c) Functions as a getaway

d) Connects to a digital PBX

8. What shall be the value of I at the end of pseudo code?

a) 6

b) 4

c) 7

d) 4

9. What is the level of aggregation of information required for operational control?

a) Qualitative



d) None of the above

10. Which address will a router look at when a host on network A sends a message to a host on network B?

a) IP

b) Subnet mask

c) Port

d) Physical

11. What is the full form of SSL?

a) Secure Sockets Layer

b) Standard Security Label

c) Standard Secure Layer

d) None of the above

12. Which operation will you choose to extract specified columns from a table?

a) Join

b) Substitute

c) Project

d) Extract

13. What is the hexadecimal equivalent of 01111100110111100011?

a) ABD3F

b) CD73E

c) FA4CD

d) 7CDE3

14. What is a virtual memory?

a) A technique to allow a program, of size more than the size of the main memory, town

b) Part of secondary storage used in program execution

c) Part of main memory only used for swapping

d) None of the above

15. What does a task in blocked state mean?

a) It must still be placed in the run queues

b) It is waiting for some temporarily unavailable resources

c) It is executable

d) It is running

16. In relational database which command will you use to control access over objects?




d) None of the above

17. In which cases will you not use BCNF?

a) The candidate key overlap

b) Two or more candidate keys

c) Two mutually exclusive foreign keys

d) The candidate key overlap

18. What is the standard of certificate used on internet?

a) X.409

b) X.25

c) X.509

d) X.301

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