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10CS36 Object Oriented Programming with C++ VTU 3th Semester Question Bank

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Question Bank
(Regulation/Scheme 2010)
10CS36 Object Oriented Programming with C++
Third Semester - 3th
Computer Science Engineering - CSE
(Common to Information Science Engineering)

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 Object Oriented Programming With C++(10CS36)
Question Bank

UNIT 1: Introduction to C++

1. What is Procedure-oriented Programming System? Dec – 2005
2. What is Object-oriented Programming System? June – 2006
3. Explain the console I/O functions supported by C++. Dec-2008
4. What is reference variable? Explain it with an example. Dec-2009
5. How does a reference variable differ from pointer variable? June-2010
6. Explain the concept of function overloading with an example. Dec-2010
7. What are inline functions? What are its benefits? June-2011
8. Write a program to find average of n numbers using inline function. Dec-2011

UNIT 2: Class and Objects - I

1 How does a class differ from a structure? Jan-2006
2 Explain the structure of a C++ class. July-2006
3 What is an object? July-2006
4 What is the use of scope resolution operator? Explain with an example. Jan-2007
5 Explain the various access specifies available in C++. July-2007
6 Write a brief note on this pointer.July-2007
7 What is a mutable data member? How it differs from static data member.Jan-2008
8 What are inline functions? Explain the different function can be made inline. July-08
9 What are friend functions? Explain July-08
10 What is the use of declaring a class an a friend of another. Jan-09
11 What are static member functions? What is the use of it? Jan-09
12 Why should the static data members be explicitly declared outside the class? June-10
13 What are name spaces? Explain how name spaces enable C++ programming to prevent pollution of global namespaces. June-10
14 What is a nested class? Explain with example Dec-11

UNIT 3: Classes and Objects -II

1 Explain how dynamic memory allocation done in C++? Jan-2005
2 Explain new operator? Jul-2005
3. Explain delete operator. Jul-2005
4 .What us a constructor? List the different types of constructors available un C++.Jan-06
5.How do we unable a construction function? Explain with an example. Jul-06
6. Write short notes on
a) Copy construction.
b) Parameterized construction. July-06
7 Describe the importance of destructors with an example.Jan-2007
8 Can constructors be overloaded? If yes, explain with an example. Jul-07
9 What is friend function? Why is it needed? Jul-07
10 Demonstrate with a program to [ass object as argument Dec-04
11 How are dynamic objects created? What is the use? Jul-05
12 Write a program to show the application of copy constructor Jul-05
13 How is operator overloading achieved? Show with an example. Dec-05
14 By overloading + , add two complex numbers. Jul-06
15 What is operator overloading? Jul-07
16 Explain the syntax for overloading operators using.
i) Member function
ii) Friend function Dec-08
17 How does the computer interpret the operator overloading function? Jun-09
18 List some circumstance where is operator overloading is mandatory. Jun-10
19 Explain some of the rules to be followed while overloading operator. Dec-10
20 Explain how increment & decrement operators are overloading in C++.
21 How are arithmetic operators overloading using?Jun-11
i) Member function
ii) Friend function
22 Explain the overloading of <<.Dec-11
23 Write short notes on: Jul-12
i) Overloading new operator
ii) Overloading delete operator
24 Explain how the values of () fundamental types converted to class type. Dec-11
25 List & explain the four new style cast operators provided by C++ for typecasting.Dec-05
26 Explain the typed operator of C++.Jan-06

UNIT 4: Inheritence - I

1. What is inheritance? Jan-06,Dec-08, Jul-10
2. In what ways does inheritance affects the size and behavior of derived class object. Dec-09
3. How can the members of base class be accessed in derived class? Jan-05
4. Can a derived class pointer point to a base class? Jul-07
5. How can a derived class pointer forcibly made to point at an object of derived class? Jan-04
6. What do you mean by function over riding of derived class? Dec-06
7. What are different of inheritance? That is available in C++? Dec-05,07, Jan-09
8. What is multiple inheritances? What kind of ambiguities does a multiple inheritances lead
to? How can they be removed? Jul-09
9. Write short notes on.
a) Multi-level inheritance
b) Hybrid level inheritance Dec-11
10.In which order are the constructors and destructors called when an object of derived class is
created? Jul-12

UNIT 5: Inheritance - II

1. What is a virtual function? Jul-08
2. Explain how dynamic (runtime) poly morphisn is achieved using virtual functions. Jan-10
3. When do we make a virtual function ‘Pure’? Jul-10
4. What is a pure virtual function? Explain with an example. Dec-11
5. How does the compiler resolve a call to a virtual function? Jul-12

UNIT 6: Virtual Functions and Polymorphism

1. What is a stream? Explain with a neat diagram the C++ class hierarchy for stream handling.Jan-06
2. Explain text made & binary made LIP w.r.t to
i) Character data
ii) Numeric data Dec-07
3. Different between text files & binary file. Jul-06
4. Explain the various functions available for text ILO in C++. Dec-09
5. Explain the read () and write () function. Jun-07
6. Explain the Open () function along with the various modes supported by it. Dec-10
7. What is a file pointer? How can the file pointers can be explicitly manipulators.
8. Write a short notes on
i) SeeKP()
iii) Seekg()
ii) tellP()
iv) tellp() Dec-07
9. How can a file be opened for both reading & writings? Dec-08
10. What is the difference between opening a file using the constructor of stream class and open() function. Jul-12
11. Explain with an example, how a file be randomly accessed C++.Jul-09

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