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10AL61 Management and Entrepreneurship VTU 6th Semester Question Bank

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Question Bank
(Regulation/Scheme 2010)
10AL61 Management and Entrepreneurship
Sixth Semester - 6th
Computer Science Engineering - CSE
(Common to Information Science Engineering)



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Unit 1 – Management

1. Define 'Management' precisely. Explain the characteristics and levels of management. (June/July – 09, May/June – 2010, Dec -2010, June – 12)
2. Explain in brief the various roles a manager plays.(June/July – 09, may/June - 2010)
3. Explain management as an Art and a Science.(June/July – 09, Dec – 2010)
4. What is scientific management? Explain Taylor's scientific principles of management and his contributions. 5. Write a note on Development of Management. 6. What is the scope of management?(June/July – 09, Dec – 2010) (Dec.09/Jan 2010)
7. Bring out the differences between management and administration(Dec.09/Jan 2010, June 2012)
8. Explain modem approaches to management.(Dec.09/Jan 2010)
9. List the 14 principles of management and elaborate any two.(June 2012)

Unit 2 – Planning

1. Explain the steps in planning process.(July – 09, June 2010, Dec 2010)
2. Explain in brief the types of planning.(July – 09, Dec.09/Jan 10)
3. Discuss the importance and limitations of planning.(June/July – 09, June 2010, June 2012)
4. Explain the importance of planning.(June 2012)
5. Explain strategic planning.(June 2010)
6. Write various steps in planning and planning premises.(June 2010, Dec 2010, June 2012)
7. Explain the hierarchy of plans.(Dec 2010)
8. What are major drawbacks in planning? Explain.(Dec.09/Jan.10)

Unit 3 – Organizing and Staffing

1. List all the 16 principles of organizing.(June/July - 09 ,Dec.10,June.10, June 2012)
2. What is an organization? Explain the purpose and nature of an organization.(June/July - 09)
3. Explain the classification of organizations(June/July - 09)
4. Explain the selection process of personnel.(June.10, Dec.10, Jan 2010)
5. Define committee. Brief about advantages and barriers of committee.(June 2012)

Unit 4 – Directing & Controlling

1. Discuss various principles of directing.(June 2010)
2. Discuss centralization V/s decentralization.(June/July – 09)
3. Compare autocratic, participative and free-rein leadership styles.(June.10,June/July.09)
4. Write in brief, various methods of establishing control.(Dec.10, June.10)
5. Briefly explain the Maslow's hierarchy of needs.(Dec.09/Jan.10, June 2012)
6. Explain any two types coordination techniques.(Dec.09/Jan.10)
7. Are leaders made or born? Justify.(Dec.09/Jan.10)
8. Define direction and brief about the main five requirements of effective direction .(Jun.12)
9. Define motivation.(June.12)
10.List all theories of motivation and discuss about Maslow’s need hierarchy theory(June.12)


Unit 5 – Entrepreneurship

1. Explain the qualities of a good leader.(Jun/July 2009)
2. Explain the importance of communication.(Jun/July 2009)
3. Classify various categories of entrepreneurship, based on different factors.
4. Explain various stages in entrepreneurial process.(June.10,Dec.10)
5. List out different barriers of entrepreneurship(Dec.09/Jan.10,June.10)
6. Define the term 'Entrepreneur'. Explain the functions of an entrepreneur. (Dec.10, Dec.09/Jan10, June.12)
7. Explain Entrepreneur Development Programme (EDP). Mention all its models. (Dec.09/Jan10, June.12)
8. Distinguish between entrepreneur and intrapreneur.(June.12)

Unit 6 – Small Scale Industry

1. Explain characteristics of Small Scale Industries.(June/July – 09, Dec.10)
2. Discuss the need for small scale industries and mention the objectives (June/July.09,June.10,Dec.09/Jan.10)
3. Discuss the impact of Globalization on small scale industries in India and the role of WTO (June/July.09)
4. Write short note on Institutional support to SSI.(June/July.09)
5. Define SSI. Enumerate various objectives of SSI(May/June.10, Dec.09/Jan.10)
6. List various steps to start a SSI.( May/June.10,June.12)
7. Explain the WTO. State its functions.(Dec.10, Dec.09/Jan.10)
8. Briefly write about government support to small scale enterprises, during five year plans.( Dec.09/Jan.10, June.12)

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