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Advanced Computer Architecture 10CS74 JJ2013 VTU Question Paper

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1a. Define Computer Architecture. Illustrate the seven dimensions of an ISA. (08 Marks) 6,2
b. Assume a disk subsystem with the following components and 1VITTF, 6
i) 10 Disk, each rated at 1000000 — hours MI-IT
ii) 1 SCSI controller 500,000 hours MTTP
iii) I power supply 200,000 — hours IvITTF
iv) I Fan 200,000 I I hours MTIF
v) 1 SCSI cable 1,000,000 — hours MTTF.
Using the simplifying assumptions that the life times are exponentially distributed and that failure are independent_ g Compute the MTTF of the system as a whole,
c. We will mu two applications on (his dual Pentium but the resource requirements are not equal. The first application needs 80% of the resources and the other only 20% of the resources_ -
i) Given that 40% of the first application is parallelizable, how much speed up would you E achieve with that application if run in isolation?
ii) Given that 99% of he second application is parallelizable, how much speed .up would this applicatio3i observe if run in isolation?
iii)Given that 40% of the first application is parallelizable, how much overall system speed up would you observe if you parailelized it? .›,
iv) Given that 99% of the second application is parallelinble, how much overall system E speedup would you get? (.(% Marks) a• L. ja. 8

2 a, What is pipelining? List pipeline hazards. Explain any one in detail, (10 Marks) e
b. With a neat diagram, explain the classic five stage pipeline. for RISC processor. (!O Marks)

3 a. Mention the techniques used to reduce branch costs. Explain static and dynamic branch • prediction used for same. Os Marks)
b. What is data dependencies? Mention the different types of data dependencies. Explain Name dependencies with example between two instructions. (06 Marks) 7. 2 c, What is correlating predictors? Explain with examples. (06 Marks) _

4 a_ Explain the basic VLIW approach for exploiting ILP using multiple issues, (08 Marks)
b. Write a note on value prediction. {04 Marks) .
c. Mention the key issues in implementing advanced speculation techniques. Explain. •E' (08 Marks) ti•


5 a. Explain any two hardware primitives to implement synchronization, with example_ (10 Marks)
b. Explain the basic schemes for enforcing Coherence in a shared memory multiprocessor system_ (10 Marks)

6 a, Briefly explain four basic Cache optimization methods, (10 Marks) of 2

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