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10CS761/10IS761 C# Programming and .Net Question Bank

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C# Programming and .Net - 10CS761/10IS761
Seventh Semester - 7th
Computer Science Engineering - CSE
(Common to Information Science Engineering)

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10CS761: C# & .NET

Question Bank


1. What are the core features of .NET platform?

2. Write a program to compute and display the average of 3 numbers with input taken from the console.
3. How is C# better than VB, Java and C++.

4. What are the building blocks of .NET platform? Briefly explain the role of CLS,CTS, CLR and base class libraries.
5. Explain the concept of assembly.What are its contents?

6. What are single file and multifile assemblies?

7. What is the significance of CIL or IL for the execution of any .NET aware language. Use appropriate language to support your answer.
8. Design a C# method AddInts( ) to add 5 integers that are read from key board. Send the result and a flag indicating successful addition or an error to the calling program say Main() . You must use appropriate parameter passing mechanism.
9. Explain the concept of namespaces. List and explain atleast 5 .NET namespaces.

10. How do you access a namespace programmatically.

11. Explain the workflow that takes place between source code, .NET compiler and execution engine.
12. What are response files ? Why do you require them?

13. How do you use response files.Explain with an example.

14. Which is the default response file ?.

15. Mention the different preprocessor directives that C# supports. Explain each with examples.

16. Write a C# program to sort an array of integers using bubble sort.

17. Give the difference between value types and reference types.

18. Explain with examples the C# operators is, as and typeof.

19. What do you understand by params method of parameter passing. Give an example.

20. Using methods in System.String class design a C# static method which replaces all occurrences of the word “vtu” with “VTU”.

21. Design a C# program to design a structure:

22. Student here, Branch is of type enum, with members. Add appropriate constructor and also a method to hike the marks by 10% t only CSE students. Show creation of some student objects and the way to call these methods.
23. Explain boxing and Unboxing with practical examples.

24. Explain the different method access modifiers.

25. Explain the different method parameter modifiers with examples.

26. What are the basic components of object oriented programming and how are they implemented?
27. Explain the following methods of System.String class with examples.

28. compareTo b) insert c) replace 4) toUpper

29. How is Sytem. String class different from StringBuilder class?

30. Explain with appropriate examples of boxing and unboxing of structures.

31. Explain the concept of resolving name clashes across name spaces.

32. How do you define namespace aliases?

33. What are nested name spaces?

34. Write a C# program for sorting and reversing an array of integers using methods in System.Array class.
35. Explain with examples constructor call forwarding using self reference.

36. How do you call a base class constructor from a derived class?

37. Explain two ways to enforce encapsulation with examples.

38. Explain the two forms of inheritance with appropriate programs.

39. Explain with examples 1) sealed classes 2) abstract methods

40. What do u understand by exceptions in c#?

41. Write a C# program to Build a custom Exception which raises an Exception when the argument passed is a negative number.
42. How do u handle multiple exception. Illustrate with an example.

43. Write a program containing a possible exception use a try block to throw it and appropriate catch block to handle it properly.
44. What are system level Exception and Custom Level Exception?

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