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06CS/IS761 C# Programming and NET Jan2014 7th Semester Question Paper

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06CS/IS761 - C# Programming and NET
Seventh Semester
Computer Science Engineering - CSE
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1. a. "Languages, frameworks and architectures that were touted as s4er bullets of software development eventually became overshadowed by something better technology" —substantiate. (08 Marks) 
b. Bring out the significance of "Creme de la creme- rule inNET. (04 Marks) 
c. In a technical round of placement interview, the interviewer asks the candidate. "What are .NET libraries"? Help the candidate by taking the analogy of college library and writing programming examples to demonstrate the same. (08 Marks) 

2 a. A company has both the domains C# and Java. During a coffee break, employees Mahesh and Dinesh working in Java and C# respectively had arguments over source code documentation. Justify the take of Dinesh, that his language provides better source code documentation. (04 Marks)
b. Write a C# program that prints details regarding the context of operating system hosting the .NET application. (06 Marks)
c. Differentiate: i) Value types and reference types; ii) Boxing and unboxing. (10 Marks)

3. a. Write a C# program to print the command line arguments in reverse. The main method definition should have no arguments. Is it possible for a single program to have multiple main methods — Enunciate? (08 Marks) 
b. Create a class employee having the fields "SSN, name, age, sex and marital status". The class should keep track of number of eligible bachelors and female employees in the company. (06 Marks)
c. Explain the different string manipulation methods with examples. (06 Marks)

4. a. Explain the use of "this" keyword. (04 Marks) b. An employee class has a field "Company name". How do you declare this field under following circumstances? i) It should be accessible only by the subclass, but subclass should not be able to modify.
ii) "Company name" should be same for all employees, but can change during execution.
iii) "Company name" cannot change. iv) "Company name" is assigned a reference to an object of "Company" class and later the reference cannot change. (06 Marks) c. "Classical polymorphism allows a base class to enforce a given behaviour on all descendants" Discuss. (04 Marks)
d. Write a program in C# to illustrate the logical complement of method overriding. (06 Marks)

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