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Exam date: 29th NOV
Results announced on: 15th Oct
Branch: EEE
No of que: 240 questions total(120 technical + 120 aptitude)
Duration: 150 mins (2.50 Hrs)
-ve marking: 1/5th (each Question has 5 options) we have to mark the OMR with pen so no question of changing the answer once marked it.

Aptitude: It includes both Verbal and Quantitative aptitude.

English: 5 Que: A sentence was broken into 6 parts, out of which 1st and last parts were given and we need to find out the remaining sequence.
5 Que : choosing the correct word for the given sentence.
5 Que : Spelling correction
5 Que : comprehences
5 Que : verbal reasoning.
Some questions on clock, time and work, numbers, hcf & lcm, proportions, ages, areas, partnership, reasoning etc. I felt it covered almost all the concepts of Verbal & Quantitative Aptitude.

Technical: Weight age of the technical subjects(no of questions) approximately are below:
Power systems: 12 (mainly from PS-II HVDC, load flow analysis)
Measurements: 5
Power plants: 2-3
Power electronics: 10
Control systems: 5
DC M/c: 6 – 7 (mainly on e.m.f eq, tests and speed control)
1ph m/c: 4-5
3ph IM & alternators: 15
Mechanical: 10 -12
Generic: < 5
Microprocessor: 2-3
Signals and sys: 3-5
Digital electronics: 10
EDC: more than 10
Syllabus: GATE syllabus

Below are the some of the tech questions I remember
1) Impedance measured in the synchronous Impedance method is _ _ _
(i) less than the actual (ii) grater than the actual (iii) near to actual bcz it considers the magnetic saturation (iv) near to actual bcz it doesn't conceders the mag saturation (v) none of these

(2) What happens if the turbine I/p is increased _ _ _(real power will increase, reactive power will increase, reactive power will increase but power angle will decrease, reactive power will increase and power angle will increase)

(3) if a shunt capacitor is added to the he bus which is driven by a syn m/c _ _ _  (stability increases, stability decreases, remains same)

(4) when will the 2 diff T/Fs working in parallel will share the load acc to the their KVA rating_ _ _   (in terms of leakage imp)

(5) Moving coils instruments are used to measure_ _ _   (Dc only)

(6) If a 100mA instrument has a accuracy of +/- 2%, what is the accuracy if it reads 50mA_ _ _ 

(7) In blocked rotor test power drawn from the src is wasted in_ _ _   (core + copper losses)

(8) In SC test of T/F the predominant losses are _ _ _   (cu losses)

(9) In which case Thyrister converter can act as Invertor_ _ _ 

(10) Function of auxiliary diode in the Thyrister commutation circuit_ _ _ 

(11) Sinusoidal pulse width modulation is used to contro_ _ _ 
(i) Voltage (ii) frequency (iii) voltage & frequency 

(12)in RH table no of sign changes of the first row will indicate_ _ _   (no of roots with +ve co-efficient)

(13) one fn in S-domain was given asked to find-out the final value_ _ _   (Ans: multiply the fn with 'S' and replace the value of s=0))

(14) Steady st and transient values of the fn v/R [1 - (e^-3t) ] _ _ _     (Ans: V/R, v*(e^-3t) /R)

(15) Some 10 -12 from mechanical engg

(16) What happens if Dc series motor started without/light load_ _ _   (speed will be dangerously high)

(17) In a 3-ph T/F delta connection if one of the ph disconnected, then the open delta T/F can be loaded to_ _ _   (57.7% of the capacity)

(18) which way does the reluctance motor operates_ _ _   (starts as a reactance and runs as a IM, starts as 1ph IM …)

(19) Motor used in hand tools_ _ _ 

(20) Hysteresis motor can run in_ _ _   (above/below syn speeds, only above syn speed…)

(21) what is Rsh in Dc shunt m/c indicates_ _ _   (field winding, max R above which m/c fails to start, min R above which m/c fails to start,...)

(22) What is the cut-off voltage of the Si _ _ _ 

(23) Which the semiconductor in the given list_ _ _   (Germanium)

(24) 8085 is a_ _ _   (8-bit processor)

(25) When will T/F regulation can be zero_ _ _   (lagging load, leading load, UPF, zero, never)

(26) Load current of the T/f at max efficiency_ _ _  (Ans: if Wi-> core loss and R-> eq resistance (sqrt(Wi/R))

(27) Generated e.m.f depends on_ _ _   (Ans: max flux, speed, no of poles & type of wng)

(28) in flux control method of dc Motor if the flux is reduced what happens to the speed and torque _ _ _ 

(29) What is the purpose of external resistance in slip-ring IM_ _ _ 

(30) Op Amp will have_ _ _   (high I/P imp and zero O/p Imp)

(31) Constant amplifier and …. Both will have_ _ _   (high I/P imp)

(32) 2 generators G1, G2 are working in parallel, what is the necessary condition of the G1 has to disconnect and the whole has to be carried out by G2_ _ _ 

(33) Lagging p.f load will be burden to the_ _ _   (consumer, power plant, both ...)

(34) Percentage of oxygen in the air is_ _ _   (21%)

(36) One question on Circuit brakers

(37) Nuclear & high capacity steam plants are preferred for_ _ _  (Ans: base load)

(38) N-type semi conductor can be formed by_ _ _   (option: pure Si, Si + boron, si+ phosphorous, ..)

(39) Which is correct in the below list in reverse bias operation of diode_ _ _  (Ans: very negligible reverse current flows)

(40) in electrolytes current flows bcz of the moment of_ _ _ (electrons, protons, atoms, molecules)

(41) P-type semi -conductor will have_ _ _  (deficiency of electrons)

(42) 2 questions on Thevenin and Nortons theorems

(43) one que on A/d converters something like which of the following converts uses the internal slope

(44) Why is BJT have Vcc at collector_ _ _ 

(45) Schmitt trigger can be used for_ _ _  (square wave generator)

(45) BJT characteristics_ _ _ (in terms of junction imp)

(46) Which of the below controller gives good steady st and transient stability_ _ _ ( PID, PI, PD ...)

(47) In general computer the CPU including all the busses, ALU & control unit on single chip is called _ _ _  (hard ware, microprocessor, mother board, RAM)

(48) The component which is generally programmed after packing is_ _ _  (Ans: PROM)

(49) The most dangerous fault near the generator_ _ _ (3-ph, p-ph to grd, 2-ph ...)

(50) relation b/w stator and rotor fluxes. _ _ _ 

(51) max difference b/t true value and instrument reading is called_ _ _ (error, discrepancy, accuracy, deficiency..)

(52) Corrosion is an example of_ _ _   (option: erosion, oxidation....)

(53) A transmission line has 50K-ohm for 2Km, what is resistance for 200Km ? _ _ _ 

(54) what happens to the armature reaction if a leading pf loaf is connected_ _ _  (only demagnetization, only cross magnetization, both ..)

(55) In India % of voltage regulation allowed_ _ _  (+/- 5%, +/- 3%, +/- .01%,....)
Also some question infinite bus

(56) Tap changing T/F are used for_ _ _  (STEP UP, STEP DOWN, BOTH, to provide low voltage/current to instruments)

(57) time constant of a RLC parallel circuit. _ _ _ 

(58) Quality factor_ _ _   (WL/R)

(59) Half adder is an equivalent of_ _ _  (options ex-or,nand,nor,ex-nor..)

(60) Which of the below is a universal gate_ _ _  (Nand, AND,OR..)

(61) 741 IC is_ _ _   (op-amp, timer....)

(62) Out-put equation of chopper_ _ _ 

(63) one que on muli vibrators_ _ _ 

(64) in thyrister Gate pulse is applied b/t_ _ _   (anode and gate)

(65) ideal voltage source src and constant amplifier will have_ _ _  (high i/p imp)

(66) The component which works on last in first out in micro-processor is called_ _ _  (Stack)

(67) Combinational circuit in the below list _ _ _  (Nand, AND, multivibrator ...)

(68) When is the MHO relay used_ _ _ 

(69) What is a multiplexer_ _ _   (Ans: Device which selects a single i/p from n lines and transmits to a single o/p line depending upon the select lines)

(70) function of program counter_ _ _   (Ans: stores the address of the next instruction to be fetched)

(71) A watt meter current coil is connected in R-ph and potential coil b/t Y & B, what is reading indicates. _ _ _ 

(72) In 3-ph circuit if the P.f is 0.3 then_ _ _  (one watt meter is -ve, can’t determine, both are -ve...)

Although these Questions look simple, time matters a lot. As we have to mark 240 que in 150 minuts if candidates are not prepared well in advance I am sure they won't get a chance even to read all the 240 Que. Its better to practice the sample papers and Gate materials.

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