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BHEL 2011 Electrical Previous Question Paper

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I am providing some of the objective questions appeared in the BHEL recruitment exam which i remember. Please correct me if i am wrong



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1. MHO  relay is used for the protection of: (a)
a) Long distance Transmission line
b) Medium length lines
 c) Short transmission lines
d) None of the above

2. Reactance Relay is
a) Voltage restrained directional relay
b) Directional restrained over current relay
c) Voltage restrained over current relay
d) None of the above

3. Which relays are doesn't affect by power swings

4. When a transmission line connected in parallel to other transmission line
a) Stability decreases and fault current decreases
b) Stability increases and fault current decreases
c) Stability decreases and fault current increases
d) Stability increases and fault current increases

5. Software interrupts in 8085 microprocessor:

6. Number of address and Data lines in 8085 microprocessor

7. When Halt instruction is executed in microprocessor

8. RL circuit was given and asked to find the value of Inductor

9. Circuit with resistor values are given and asked to solve the equivalent resistance (quite easy circuit given)

10. Small circuit was given and asked to solve the current flowing through the resistor (simple circuit)

11. In the presence of earth capacitance value of  transmission lines ___ (Increases)

12. L-G fault phase difference between positive and negative sequence currents

13. For complete protection of 3 phase line ___ ( Two phase and One earth fault relay is sufficient )

14. During slip test in synchronous motor the voltage across the field wingdings is ___ (zero)

15. Reactive power in synchronous machine is limited by ___ (field current and power angle )

16. For changing the direction of rotation in dc motor armature is used because __

17. Which type of DC motor has negative voltage regulation __

18. Auto transformer voltage transformation ___ (HV-LV)/HV

19. Asked to find out linear system from different equations ___

20. SCR turns off when __ (current falls below holding current )

21. AC voltage converter ___

22. BP register pointing data in __ (Stack Segment )

23. Question related to 8259 and ICW

24. Semi Closed or completely closed rotor bars are employed to __

25. Asked to find phase margin for an open loop transfer function

26. Matrix A, B,C and D is given asked to find transfer function

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