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Power System Analysis EE 2351 MJ12 6th Semester Question Paper

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B.E/B.Tech. Degree Examination, May / June 2012
Sixth Semester
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
EE 2351 – Power System Analysis
(Regulation 2008)

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Part A – (10 × 2 = 20 marks)

1. What are the components of power system?
2. If the reactance in ohms is 15 ohms, find the p.u value for a base of 15 KVA and 10 KV.
3. What are the informations that are obtained from a power flow study?
4. Compare Gauss-Seidal and Newton-Raphson methods of load flow solutions.
5. What is meant by a fault?
6. List the symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults that occur in a power system.
7. Name the faults in which all the three sequence component currents are equal and in which
positive and negative sequence currents together is equal to zero sequence current.
8. Write the matrix notation of the operator ‘a’ which relates the phasors Va, Vb and Vc with Va0,
Va1 and Va2.
9. Define transient stability and transient stability limit.
10. What is critical clearing angle and critical clearing time?

Part B – (5 × 16 = 80 marks)

11. (a)(i) What are the advantages of per-unit computations? (4)
(ii) Draw the reactance diagram for the power system shown in figure given below. Neglect
resistance and use a base of 100 MVA, 220 KV in 50 Ω line. The ratings of the generator,
motor and transformer are given below.
Generator: 40 MVA, 25 KV, X” = 20 %.
Synchronous motor: 50 MVA, 11 KV, X” = 30 %.
Y – Y Transformer: 40 MVA, 33 / 220 KV, X = 15 %,
Y – Δ Transformer: 30 MVA, 11 / 220 KV (Δ / Y), X = 15 %. (12)
(b) Find the bus impedance matrix for the 4-bus system shown in given figure. Consider bus-
4 as the reference bus. (16)

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