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Electrical Machines II EE2302 5th Semester May-June 2014 Question Paper

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Question Paper Code : 51441
Fifth Semester
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
EE 2302/EE 52/EE 1301/10133 EE 505 — ELECTRICAL MACHINES — 11
(Regulation 2008/2010)
(Common to PTEE 2302 Electrical Machines Il for B.E. (Part—Time)
Fourth Semester Electrical and Electronics Engineering — Regulation 2009) 

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PART A — (2 * 10 =100 marks)

1.How will you distinguish between the two types of large synchronous generator from their appearance?
2.What is meant by alternator on infinite bus- bars?
3.Name any two important characteristic of a 3 phase synchronous motor not found in 3 phase induction motor.
4.Give any two methods of starting a synchronous motor.
5.How do change in supply voltage and frequency affect_the performance of a 8 phase induction motor?
6.The starting torque of a squirrel cage induction motor cannot'be altered when the applied voltage is constant,
7.Which is the cheapest method of Starting a three phase induction motor?
8.What is meant by plugging?
9.How can the direction of a capacitor run motor be reversed?
10.Name the motor being used in ceiling fans.

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