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RailTel RCIL Computer Science Question Paper

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RailTel(RCIL) Electronics and electrical(ECE,EEE,CSE,Mech Engg)Questions 
 Computer Science and Engineering Objective Questions, Answers

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Sample Question and Answers for Computer Science and Engineering:
1. The port number used by SMTP is:
Answer- 25

2. A packet filter is a type of
Answer- Firewall

3. Which among the following utilities can detect a bad sector?

4. In 100BASE-T, ‘T’ stands for:
Answer- Twisted pair

5. A head crash is said to occur when the read-write head of a hard disk drive:
Answer- Touches the magnetic media

6. Category 5 cable includes —twisted pairs in a single cable jacket.
Answer- 4

7. The port number used by the HTTP protocol is
Answer- 80

8. In PowerPoint presentations, individual pages are called:
Answer- Slides

9. _________ is a powder used in laser printers to form the images on a paper.
Answer- Toner

10. Worms and Trojan Horses are examples of:
Answer- Malware

11. ___________ Printers work by selectively heating regions of special heat-sensitive paper.
Answer- Thermal

12.The ISI mark is given by:
Answer- BIS

13. The laser printer was invented at:
Answer- Xerox

14. A flaw in a system whereby the output is unexpectedly dependent on the sequence or timing of other events is called a:
Answer- Race condition

15. A 56k modem can transfer data at up to bits per second over the phone line.
Answer- 56000

16. The original implementation of the C programming language was standardized by :
Answer- ANSI

17. ________Is a signaling method that handles a relatively wide range of frequencies.
Answer- Broadband

18. Power-on-self-test is built into the
Answer- :BIOS

19. PowerPoint can embed content from other applications through:
Answer- OLE

20. The latest release of Microsoft Windows is called:
Answer- Windows 7

21. GRUB is an:Boot loader

22.card allows television signals to be received by a computer.
Answer- TV tuner

23. ________Is an IEEE 1394 implementation.
Answer- Fire Wire

24. ‘Windows protection error’ messages may result from:Damage to the system registry

25. Sound Blaster line of audio cards were made by :
Answer- Creative Technology Ltd.

26. Indiscriminate sending of unsolicited bulk messages is known as :
Answer- Spamming.

27. FAT manages files in contiguous groups of sectors called:
Answer- Clusters

28. The utility which can be used to clean the windows registry is:
Answer- regedit

29. Who is credited with the creation of WWWAnswer :
Answer- Tim Berners-Lee

30. MIME is associated with the followingAnswer :
Answer- E mail

31. The mode of communication in which transmission can be bidirectional. But in only one direction at a time is calledAnswer :
Answer- Half Duplex

32.In Serial communication, start and stop bits are used forAnswer :
Answer- Synchronization

33. In a computer network, routing issues are handled inAnswer :
Answer- Network Layer

34. Normal Form used in real life DBMS implementation is
Answer- Ans: 3N

35. In a computer network, functions of dialog management and synchronization are taken care of in the
Answer :Session’s layer

36. In data communications, bauds signify ———- rate
Answer :Signaling

37. ADSL is abbreviation for
Answer :Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

38. VPN denotes a
Answer :Virtual Private Network

39. In internet, the well known port 21 refers to the application
Answer :FTP

40. Translation Lookaside Buffer(TLB) is also called
Answer :Associative Memory

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