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Hi friends I attended the railtel deputy manager(technical) exam on 26th august 2012
Exam consisted of total 100 questions,60(tech) and 40(non-tech).technical questions included 90% electronics questions and some electrical questions from motors and generators and some from compuers..in non tech there were 10 gk questions,10 reasoning,10quant,10 english.there was no negative marking in the exam.paper was very easy…so cut off will be high(65) for general

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Technical questions-

maximum power efficiency- 50%
total impedance of ckt- 7+j0
lead compensator T.F- s+1/s+2
fermi level 0K
schottky diode- rectifier
value of k- 0.35
physical link addredd bus
number of hardware interrupts= 5
dma- b/w i/o and memmory without the use of microprocessor
critical angle= 60
drift velocity- qET/m
video and audio- AM and FM
maxwell equation- both curl and divergence
computer architecture
compt language- binary
T flip flop- 20US
emft ques- reflected from the walls
driving point admittance- -y3
antenna diameter- 1.289
not characterstic of CMOS- low i/p inpedance
input impedence in increasing order- 1234
delB/delT- faraday's equation
CMRR- 10^7
frequency deviation- mf.fm
cro angle- 90
propagation delay- 1ghz
phase constant- 2pie/lambda
half load power- 500,1250
decimal shifted to left- multiply by 2
saturation current- isat
modulation index- 0.34
generator efficiency- 60.2
frequency components- +- n something(option d)

gk  questions-
1.where is the Headquarter of Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO)- rome
2.where budhha got enlightment-  gaya
3.MOTHERS day celebrarated in... may
4.light year is the unit of - distance
5.Next olympics Game 2016 will be held in - RIO DE JENERIO
6. which is responsible for Blood coagulation – vitamin K
7.CANNE Prize is given in the field of- movies
8. Great bath- mohenjodaro
9.next  saarc  summit- new delhi
10. Playes in women basket ball team- 5

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