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BPCL Mechanical Question Paper - 2011

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BPCL Mechanical Question Paper

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Hi Friends,
I'm Raj Kumar Kispotta, Mechanical Engineering appeared for written test of  BPCL 22nd Janunary, 2011 at New Delhi.
There was 2 part technical & non-technical each having 60 questions. Total 120 questions and time limit was 2 hours.
Non-Technical: (60 questions)
* 20 questions from English: passage, preposition, article, question tag and correct word
* 20 questions from aptitude and reasoning like analogy, coding-decoding, data sufficiency, assertion and  Reason, statement-conclusion and non-verbal reasoning series. 4 figures were given and find next one.
* 20 questions from GK.
1. What is CPU?  
Ans: Central Processing Unit
2. Silicon Valley of India?
Ans: Bangalore
3. Teachers day?
Ans: Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
4. "ship of desert"?
Ans: Camel
5. Seven wonders of the world from India?
Ans: Taj Mahal
6. Winner ICC 20-20 world cup 2008?
Ans: India
7. Highest mountain in the world?
Ans: Mount Everest
8. Formula H2O stands for? 
Ans: Water
9. First Mughal emperor?
Ans: Babar
10. Largest state in India?
Ans: Rajasthan
11. How many lions in Ashok Pillar?
Ans: 4
12. Pink city?
Ans: Jaipur
13. Who is father of Indian constitution?
Ans: B R Ambedkar
14. Which vitamins found in orange and lime?
Ans: Vitamin C
15. Recent Oscar award winner Indian music director?
Ans: A R Rahman
16. Which gas inhaled during respiration?
Ans: Oxygen
17. Largest Planet in solar system?
Ans: Jupiter
18. How many bones in a human body?
Ans: 206
19. RBC stands for?
Ans: Red Blood Cell
20. Capital of Nepal?
Ans: Kathmandu
Technical: (60 questions)
1. What is pure substance?
2. Stated by whom  the internal energy of gas is a function of temperature?
3. Intensive properties?
a. mass b. total enthalpy c. volume d. density
4. What is stress concentration factor?
5. What is design principle of  Nozzle?
6. Which part of nozzle flows of steam will be supersonic?
7. Formula of co-efficient of nozzle?
8. Which property of material used in tools and machines?
9. SG 400/15 ,wt is the indian standard specification?
10. What is line imperfection in a crystal?
11. What is Magnitude of shear stress and principle plane?
12. Aim of value engineering?
13. MRP indicates?
14. What kind of turbine is Francis turbine?
15. What is the efficiency of self locking screw jack?
16. Physical significance of biot numbers?
17. What is the use of chip breaker?
18. What is Nussels numbers?
19. Eulers formula is applicable for which columns?
20. Ball bearing is made of which material?
21. Center of gravity of hemisphere having a radius R?
22. Circle in the imaginary circle in study of tooth gear?
Thank you.

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