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BPCL Mechanical Engineering Question Paper - 2013

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BPCL Mechanical Engineering Question Paper - 2013

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Hello Friends,

I want to share my experience about BPCL test paper. I gave this test in Mechanical Engineering stream. Before this test I found there was no test paper of BPCL at Freshersworld.com the test contains two sections. In Ist section it was general aptitude. And in IInd section technical. There were total 120 questions (60+60). All questions were very easy.

In Genereal aptitude 5 questions from RC.15 Questions from GS (very easy). 15 questions from articles, preposition and auxiliary verbs, 25 questions from reasoning. No question was asked from quantitative aptitude. Some questions are given below.

1. What is chemical formula of water?
2. Which city is silicon vally?
3. Which is one of seven wonders?Taj mahal.
4. Which indian musician won asker?

Similarly all GS question were of 8th class level.

RC was very easy. Reasning question were a little tough. But you can solve it easly. English portion was easy. Read rein and martin.

Technical questions.

1. Which type of turbine is francis turbine?

2. Which material ball bearing is made?

3. What is the function of air vessels?

4. Nusselt no formula?

5. Biot no formula?

6. 4 question from HMT?

7. Which is imaginary circle in gear?

8. One Question from planatery gear system (very easy)

9. Which process gives best surface finsh. (lapping, honning, grinding etc)

10. What will be shear stress in principal plane?

11. What is the condition of critical speed?

12. Stress concentration factor?

13. What will be COP of a system in temp were given 50 degree and 100 degree celcius?

14. What is value engineering?
15. Full form of MRP?

16. What is the function of compiler in computer?

17. What is full form of CPU?

Only 3 to 4 question were of numericals. Which were very easy. Except one. I hope this will be very help to all of you. Before exam go through all simple formulas. I'm waiting my result. It was very good experience.

Wish you all the best guys!

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