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BEL Old Question Paper with Answer

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BEL Old Question Paper with Answers

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1. The exe time for the Binary search algorithm is …. Ans O( log N)

2. List is defined as a
a) a linear array of a homogeneous data
b) data structure to represent unspecified no of elements
c) infinite sequence of atoms or lists
d) finite sequence of atoms or lists ….. Ans  (B )

3. A railway shunting system is analogous to a
a)linked list  b) FIFO  c) STACK  d) Linear array Ans FIFO

4. A well known algorithm for finding the Greatest Common DIVISOR for two real number is
  a)Wirth b) Knuth c) Euclid d)none Ans c)

5. If child in a data relationship has more than one parent then the relationship can be described as
a) hierarchical   b)tree c) Plex d)RDB

6. The concept of double buffering allows
a) Larger Block sizes to be input and output
b) twice as many logical records to be stored per Physical block
c) I/O in one buffer to overlap processing in other
d) buffer space to be dynamically allocated                       Ans c)

7. A binary tree is defined as
ANS… a binary tree such that for each node all keys with left subtree of the node are less than the key with node and those in the right subtree

8. for the which of the application is a sequential file appropriate ?
a)air line reservation System               b)online inventory system
c)monthly Billing System d)None Ans c)

9. During I/O operation it is necessary to pass each character through processor to/from memory there is technique which allows processor to be bypassed in these operation…………….. Ans DMA

10. In the ISO ref modal of OSI the term interface refers to
A) the S/W dialogue between  layers on a host
B) The electrical connections between machines
C) the dialogue at communication subnet boundary
D)the transport boundary Ans A)

11. Data transfer in a digital communication is performed in
A)Serial order B)Parallel
C)Serial with an accompanying data stobe
D)A balance serial order Ans C)

12. #include
{ int x,y,z; x=y=z=1;
++x|| ++y&&++z;
printf("x=%d y=%d z=%d ",x,y,z);
A)x=2 y=1z=1 B) x=2 y=2z=2
C) 2  1  1 D) 2  2  2 Ans A)

13. Backus Naur Form  is frequently used
ANS…to represent the syntax of a language

14. Simpson's rule is useful for
Ans solving numerical Integration problems

15. #include
int a[] ={0,1,2,3,4}
int i, *p;
for ( p=&a[0];p<=&a[4];p++ )
printf("*p=%d \t",*p);
The OUTPUT ANS *p=0 *p=1   *p=2     *p=3      *p=5

16. The max no of nodes in a binary tree of height h is Ans 2h+1-1

17. If A is matrix of order m X n B is a matrix of order n X p and C is also matrix of order n X p then A(B+C)=AB+AC Ans is Never True

18. The ability of a software written for one machine to run successfully on a different  machine is  called Ans Portability

19. #include
int x,y;
while(y<10 p="" x="" y=""> printf("x=%d,y =%d \n",x,y);
the OUTPUT is Ans x=10 y=10;

20. #include
double d =3.2,x;
int i=2,y;
printf("x=%d,y =%d \n",x,y);
the OUTPUT is Ans x=2 y=1;

21. Nodes in a tree that have the same parent node are called …Ans Siblings

22. #include
#define PRINT (int )printf("int =%d \n",int)
{ int x=1,y=1,z=1;
}the OUTPUT is Ans 3
23. char (*(* x [4])())[5] in C means
ANS: x is an array [4] of pointer to function returning pointer to array [5] of char
24. the reverse polish expression of a+b*c-d/e*h is Ans abc*+de/h*-
25. #include
static struct S1{
char c[4],*s;
printf("%c,%c \n",s1.c[0],*s1.s);
the OUTPUT is Ans a d
26. #include
#define FUDGE (k) k+3.14159
#define PR(i.    printf("a = %d\t",(int)(i.)
#define PRINT(i    PR(i ;putchar('\n')

int x=2;
the OUTPUT is Ans a=10
27. A system using a single bus for data and addresses on the lines is best described by which bus Ans Multiplexd Bus
28. the number of layers inISO OSI ref model is Ans 7
29. gateways are used in Network to
ANS . store and forward packets between dissimilar networks

30. The term "WATER FALL  MODEL "is associated with Ans S/W life Cycle
31. Program
j:=4 ;
while((i mod j )=0) DO
i:=i div j;
j:= j+1
value of j Ans 9

32. char c ;
printf("%c",c); Ans e

33. To print out letters from 'a' to 'z' what will be the substitute for the XXX
char c ='a';
while (c++<='z')
putchar(XXX); ANS c-1

34. the following program is supposed to find the number of lowercase letters in the input .there is a bug in the one of the lines of the program

lower =0;
while ((c=getchar())|=EOF)
if( (c>='a' )||(c<='z'))
which is the correct version of the line   Ans if( (c>='a' )&&(c<='z'))

35.      find Syntax Error
char *a,*b,c[100],d[100];
a=b; (1)
b=d; (2)
c=a; (3)
a=c; (4)
ANS  3
36. Output of following program
void max(int x,y,m)
if (x>y) m=x;
else m=y;
int i,j,k;
} ANS 0
37. consider the computer with 8MB of main memory and 128KB of cache .the cache block size is 4KB. it uses direct mapping scheme for cache mgmt.How many different main memory blocks can map onto a given physical cache block?
A)2048 B)256 C)64 D)none
ANS ???

38. which of the following sorting methods gives O(n ) best case and O(n2) worst case time ? Ans BUBBLE SORT

39. consider the following grammar :
S   PQ
P   X
Q  Y
S  SQ
S  PS
to get a string consisting of n terminals ,how many derivations of this grammar have to be applied?
A)n2   B) 2n-1 C)n+1 D)2n Ans n+1

40. A demand paging system with page table held in registers takes 5ms  to service a page fault if an empty page is available or a page is to be replaced is not dirty ;it take 15 ms if the replaced page is dirty. Memory access time is 1 microsec.
Assume we want an effective access time of 2 micro sec and that page is to  be replaced is dirty 60% of the time.what is the approximate maximum acceptable page fault rate to meet this access time requirement.
A)0.1% B)1.0% C)2.5% D)0.01%

41. Given the function dependencies
Which one does not hold ?
A) XZ B) WZ C) ZQ D) XWY Ans B

42. Data flow model of an application mainly shows
A) The underlying data and the relationship among them
B) Processing requirements and the flow of data
C) Decision and control information
D) Communication network structure

43. Which one of the following test is used for the acceptance for a software System?
A)Functional testing B)Unit testing C)Integration testing D)Regression Testing
Ans A
44. If a=9,b=5 and c=3 what can be inferred about the value of the following expression? a -adiv b*b mod c>a mod b mod c
A) FALSE B)TRUE C)Invalid D)1 Ans B

45. Program
j:=2 ;WHILE ( i MOD j ) <>)DOj:=j+1;
if j
for a given i>=2 this program prints j only if
A)i is prime B)j does not divide i C)j is odd D)I is not a prime Ans D

46. The  statement READ(x)reads in number and stores it in the variable x the following program segments reads in a sequence of numbers a(1), a(2), a(3)…a(n).
i:=1 ; READ (x);p:=x;q:=x;
IF x>p THEN p:=x
if q>x THEN q:=x
A)if a(1)B)it picks the largest and smallest vales of a(1)…a(n)in p and q respectively
C)for some k such that 1a(k+2)>……a(n)AND a(k+1)>a(k) the value of  p will be a(k+1)and that of q will be a(n)
D)the WHILE loop is executed (n-1) times even if
a(1)=a(2)=a(3)= ….  =a(n)

47. Describe  the technique found in architecture known as memory mapped I/O?
Ans. Input /output ports are placed  at addresses on the bus  and  are accessed just like a memory location.

48. what problem is of concern of the designer of memory card with Dynamic RAM chips that is not of concern of the designer of memory card using only static RAM chips?
A) the need to design a memory busy handshake  signal
B) The need  for  refresh circuits and associated controls
C)The need to design special  out put  buffer to stabilize the data bit values
D)The need to put inverters at the data outputs
Ans B
49. CASEstand for ANS Computer Aided Software Engineering
50. The minimum number of 2 input NAND gates required  to implement a @ input EX-OR function is A)2 B) 4C) 3D)6 Ans B
51. A die is rolled  three times the probability that exactly one odd number turns up among the three outcomes
A) 1/2 B)3/8 C)1/8 D)1/3

52. A multiplexer with a 4bit data select input is Ans 16:1 MUX

53. The threshold level for logic 1 in the TTL family is
Ans Any voltage below Vcc but above 2.4V
54. In a serial communication employing 8 databit ,a parity bit and 2 stop bits  the minimum  baud rate a minimum baud rate required to sustain a transfer rate of 300 characters per second is
A)2400 baud B) 19200 baud C) 4800 baud D)1200 baud   Ans B

55. The octal representation of an integer is 342.if this were to be treated as an 8bit integer in 8085 computer its decimal equivalent is
A)226 B)-98 C)76 D)-30
56. Which of the following addressing codes permits relocation without any change what so ever in the code?
A)indirect addressing B)Indexed addressing
C)Base register addressing D)PC relative addressing Ans D
57. Which of following is true?
A) Unless unabled a cpu will not be able to process interrupts
B) Loop instruction can not be interrupted till they complete
C) A processor checks for interrupt before executing an instruction
D) only level triggers interrupt are possible on microprocessors
Ans C

58. A counting semaphore was initialized to 10.Then 6P(wait )operations and 4 V(signal) operations were completed on this semaphore. the resulting value of semaphore is
A)0 B)8 C)10 D)12

59. Which of the the following operation is not associative?

60. Formatting of a Floppy disk refers to
Ans Erasing the system Area
61. If an instruction takes I micresecondd and a page fault takes an additional microsecond, the effective instruction time if on the average a page fault occurs every k instruction is
A)i+j/k        B)i+j*k              C)(i+j)/k               D)(i+j)*k

62 Suppose the domain set of an attribute consists of signed four digit numbers. what is the percntage of reductio in storage space of this attribute if it is stored as an integer rather than in character form
63over the past five year,clean toothpaste has been advertised as the most effective means of preventing tooth decay.however according to dentists record,many patients experiencing severe both decay used clean toothpaste.clearly,clean toothpaste is not an effective means of preventing tooth decay.
which of the following statement ,if true would most seriously weaken the conclusion above?
i) of the patients experiencing tooth decay,two third indicate that they would be willing to switch brands of toothpaste.
ii) The advertisement for clean Toothpaste advcate brushing twice a day
iii) if clean toothpaste were not avaible ,more patients would experience severe tooth decay
iv) Dentists continue to recommend clean toothpaste more than any other brand.

64. A group of physicians wishing to explore the link between protin intake and high blood pressure performed a nutrition experiment on a selected group of ten vegetarians.five of the people were given a high -protein ,low-pat diet .The group given the high protein ,low fat diet exhibited the same 5 percent increase in blood pressure as did the group given the low protein,high-fat diet.
which of the following conclusions can most properly be drawn if the statement above are true?
i) The physicians did not establish a link between protein intake and high blood presurre.
ii) The sample chosen by the physicians was not representative of the general vegetarian population
iii) some physicians believe there is no link between protein intake and high blood pressure.
iv) Vegetarians are most likely to eat a high-protein,low fat diet than a low-protein ,high fat diet.

Question  65-70
The letters A,B,C,D,E,F and G not necessarily in that order,stand for seven consecutive integer from 1 to 10

D is 3 less than A
B is the middle term
F is as much less than B as C is greater than D
G is greater than F

65)The fifth integer is
i) A ii)C iii)D iv) E

66 A is as much greater than F as which integer is less than G
i) A ii)B iii)C iv)D

67 if A=7 , the sum of E and G is
i)8 ii)10 iii)12 iv)14

i)2 ii)3 iii)4 iv)5

69 An integer  T is as much greater than C as C is greater than E. T can be written as A+E.what is D?
i)2 ii)3 iii)4 iv)5
70 The Greatest possible value of C is how much greater than the smallest possible value of D?
i)2 ii)3 iii)4 iv)5

71. which of the following sorting algorithm has a worst-case running time of O(nr)where 1
i)Bubble sort  ii) Quick sort  iii)Merge sort iv)shell sort

72.A language with string manipulation facilities uses the operations head,tail and concat.if a string s="wxyz", then
1.head(s)="W"       ………the first character in the string
2.tain(s)="xyz" ………  all but the first character
3.concat ("v",s)="vwxyz" the two string joined as one

is s=e(empty string ), then head(s) is undefined.
if s contains fewer than two characters, then tail(s)=e
of the strings listed below , which meets the condition concat(head(s),head(tail(tail(s))))="ac"
i aabc     ii acac        iii acba       iv accc

73. A function is defined by the following truth table:

The symbol X represents a don't care output.which one of the following statements about the minimal sum of product and minimal product of sum implementation is correct?

i) They are logically equivalent because the don't cares are used in the same way.
ii) They are logically not equivalent because the don't cares are used in different  way.
iii) They are logically equivalent by defination.
iv) They may or may not be logically equivalent depending upon how the don't cares are used.
74.suppose that a computer uses a floating-point representation comprising a signed magnitude fractional mantissa and an excess- 16 base -8 exponent what decimal number is being represented  by the example  below ?
1 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 0

i)-6250 ii)-20480 iii)-320 iv)-0.00122

1. i:=1;sum:=0
2. sum:=sum+I;
3 i:=i+1;
4 until i=n
let "A" represent the initialization((I=1;sum:=0;) of line1.let "B" represent the summing action within the loop(line2) and let "I" represents the increment (line3).if "Trepresents the test contained in line 4, which of the following regular expressions represents all possible sequences of steps taken by this program fragment?
i) A(BIT)(BI)*T*
ii) A(BIT)*
iii) A(BIT)+
iv) A(BIT)+T
76 consider the following program fragment and its assertions:
there are two paths through this code; which of the two taken depends upon the predicate "B>C".which of the following statement is true:
i) The program fragment is consistent with its assertions along both paths.
ii) The program fragment is inconsitent with its assertions along both paths.
iii) The program fragment is consistent with its assertions along predicate=false path only
iv) The program frgment is consistent with its assertion along the predicate =true path only

77 consider the following program fragment
c:=3.0* a+b;
if c=0 then a:=1 else a:=1.0/c+1.0/b;
This program fragment will fault if certain values for "a" and "b".which is the weakest of the supplied conditions(least restrictive or smallest) which if applied to the data,will prevent failure?
i) b>0 ii)a>0 and b>0  iii)a#-b/3    iv)b#0

78 The principle of locality of reference justifies the use of
i)Interrupt   ii)DMA iii)Polling iv)Cache memory

79 User1 is using seven printers and will need at most a total of ten printers.user2 is using one printer and will use  at most four printers.user3 is using two printers and will use at most four printers.each user is concurrently requesting one more printer which of the following is true?

i)The operating system will grant a printer to user1 only
ii)The operating system will grant a printer to user2 only
iii)The operating system will grant a printer to user3 only
iv)The operating system will not grant any more  printers until some are relinquished

80. A relation over the integer 3 through 9 is defined by:
x is related to y if the remainder on division of x by y equals 2.
In the corresponding digraph, which node(s) are  reachable from node 4?
i) 6 only ii) 6 and 8 iii)3, 6 and 8  iv)3 only

81 A language L is defined byL={xnyn|n>=1}.which of the definitions below generates the same language as L?
I E->xEy|xy
II     (xy)|x+xyy+)
III   x+ y+

Questions 83-86
In the operation of a certain disk drive mechanism, a disk is formatted into 20 sectors and 10 tracks.The disk can be rotated either clockwise or counter clockwise.The time required to perform certain operations are as follows
1. Rotate the disk through 1 revolution=200ms
2. Move the disk head from the center to the rim=20ms
3. Read and transmit 1block of data =0.3ms

Three files are stored on the disk:
File A: 2 blocks at sector 1,track 6
File B: 5 blocks at sector 5,track 2
File C: 1 blocks at sector 3,track 5

83.The disk head is initially at sector 0,track 0.if all three files A,B and C are to read in the minimum amount of time,they should be read in the following order:
i)A,B,C ii)A, C,B iii) B, A,C iv)B,C,A

84. The disk head is initially at sector 0,track0,The files are read in the order C,B,AThe Total time to read the files is
i)143.9ms ii)116.4ms iii)114.0ms iv)102.6ms

85 The most nearly average latency time is
i)1ms ii)7ms iii)30ms iv)50ms

     86.The most nearly average seek time is
i)1ms ii)7ms iii)30ms iv)50ms
     87.A language L is denoted by a regular expression :
L =(X)*(X|YX*)
which of the following is not  alegal string within L?

A finite state machine FSM whose state table is shown below has single input X and a single output Z

Present State Next State Z
X=0 Next State
A B,0 E,0
B C,1 B,1
C D,1 B,0
D C,0 B,1
E C,1 D,0

88. The initial state of the FSM is Unknown which is the shortest input sequence that will guarantee that the final state will be b?
A)00101 B)01 C)10 D)1011

89. Which of the following statement is true?
A)The state table for the FSM is not in its minimal form
B)the state diagram can be drawn in plane without lines crossing
C)There exists an input sequence such that for the initial states it is possible to determine the initial state by observing output sequence.
D)If the initial state is E it is possible to produce any arbitrary output sequence by applying appropriate input sequence.

90 If a is an array and k is an integer then fun1(7a[k]) and fun1(a+k) in c are
A)same B)illegal C)different D)none

91 . Alka is taller than vijay , Pradeep is shorter than Vijay but taller than Laxmi.
Which of the following condition ensures that the Bina is taller than Pradeep?
A)Laxmi and Vijay are taller than Bina B)Alka is Taller than Bina
C)Alkais shorter than Bina D)Laxmi and Bina are of the same Height

92. nroff and troff are
A)file system in unix B)text formatting tools in unix
C)data manipulation tools in UNIX D)System calls of Unix

93 fork() system call in unix
A) A nrmal means of terminating a process
B) overlays the calling process with a predefined file
C) create new process core image which is a copy of that of the caller of fork.
D) None
94. SCCS in UNIX refers to
 A) A device driver B)a collection of utilities in managing software
C) a validation tool D)a verification tool

95.Which of the following best characterizes the hash coding table search technique?
A)The technique is applicable only to single word character strings
B)the search time increases with the size of the table
C)The search time is independent of the number  of  active table entries
 D)The initial probe is a function of the search argument

96 Instruction look ahead is useful
A )To increase the cpu execution speed B)to have uniform execution time
C) for faster exexcution of control transfer instruction s
D)To prefetch instructions.
97 Semaphores are  used
A)to pass a value B)To synchronize processes
C) to flag error msg D)to prevent dead lock
98 The arithmetic operators are overloaded in
A)c++ B) C C) PASCAL D)all languages

99 Information  hiding  gives
A)To the programmer all implementation details
B)To implementer all all implementation details
C) to the programmer all details to use the module
D) a facility to hide all information

100 ) A procedure that calls itself directly or indirectly is called a
Ans: Recursive Procedure

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