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I appeared in off campus interview of BEL on 23 Feb 2009 at Janpath Regional Office
BEL, Delhi.

It lasted for 35 minutes because I was the very first candidate in panel. There were four
interviewer…. One interviewer acting like HEAD, was sitting in middle…. Next right to him was a HR
and next to HR was a technical person…. In the right of HEAD was another technical interviewer….
I knocked at the door first and asked to come in….. Head offered me a seat, I paid thanks to him…..
The first question came from Head asking me to describe myself…

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The next question came from first tech interviewer to explain Project… I explained it, he further
asked me to tell my role in Project….. in middle of explanation he asked to write a program to
display the day by getting Date from system in JSP….

Further HR asked me “Who was team leader in this Project?”….

Now again first tech interviewer asked me to tell my favorite subject….. I replied Core Java1.5 &
computer network….
He asked me to tell which Physical layers in OSI…are. Next asked me to tell the name of all layers
of OSI,
Explain TCP/IP model… What is IP address?
In which class we actually works in computer network (A, B, C, D or E)? Ans ..B He further asked me
to tell the no of bits reserved for network address in B class. Next HR asked me to tell your
family bakckground?
Qualities of leader?

Do you have these qualities?

Tell me one example where you had shown your leadership quality? Why less marks in fourth semester?
Difference between percentage of topper and yours.. What was your position in class during B.Tech?
If I were ask your neighbors to describe you, what would they say?

Why do you not want to Join HCL?
Is not private companies give more money so why not HCL?

Do you want to join public sector so that you get a relax job …where you don’t have any work?

Will you go Machlipatnam, BEL?

If I give both offer (HCl & BEL), Which will you join and why? What is your opinion about moral and
Now another technical interviewer started its turn by asking about SDLC… Tell about all phases of
Further he asked if I had studied compiler Construction Subject…. I replied in positive but added
that it is not my favorite…..
He further said “Are you comfortable with OS”?
I said yes……
He asked me to explain swapping and paging and virtual memory..

He then asked what is the recommended size of paging in UNIX and on what basis we decide its size?
That is it…… Interview ended Head asked me to leave

As I was leaving I requested to ask a question and my requested was granted….

I asked, ”When can I know my result?” They replied very soon but we can not give any date.

The environment there was very cordial. Even after 35 minutes of interview I was feeling that I had
been interviewed for few seconds……..
Interview weigatage was 30% and written test 70%

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