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BEL CSE Interview Questions for Probationary Engineer

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The interview for Probationary Engineer at BEL, Bangalore . 21st August, 2004

Its for CSE stream. Interview lasts for 40 minutes. As I have to face my ever first Job interview, am with little bit anxiety. Here are the details of the interview I would like to share with these magnificent group friends. As I entered in to the room by asking excuse me Sir, They invited me very politely and offered a chair to seat. There were four members in the panel all were in age group of 50, of which two members are from Central Research Laboratory of BEL grilled out me with tech questions. One is HR department person and remained was acts as head of the panel.

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First the head of the panel introduced all the members and explained the procedure of the interview. First he starts by describing about the company for almost five minutes,  which makes me to relax and comfortable with the panel. After that he asked to tell about myself briefly for a minute.

While I am in a way of describing myself, he also asked to point out the achievements, strong points, hobbies and regarding sports. Also asked for favorite subjects, and I told that C, Database and Networks are my favorites.Now it's the time for technical grilling..The first person from CRL  starts by asking

What are the components of LAN?

How do u connects the systems?

What is UTP? (Unshielded Twisted Pair)

How much distance it supports?

Fiber optic supports how much distance?(I don't know exactly?)

What is the throughput of the Ethernet LAN?

Describe about OSI Layers?

In which layer encryption can be done? And other than presentation layer?

What is the function of Bridge? Router?

Which layer is responsible for end 2 end connection?

What is RAID? (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks)

For what it is used for?

How can achieve fault tolerance through RAID?

Where the Static variable stored in C?

And local variables?( I was made a mistake here by telling it is also in heap)

And he shows already written function prototypes asked to describe it.. as          
int *(*p)(int a, float b) // pointer 2 the function p returns integer pointer
               int  (*p)(int *a, float b) //pointer 2 the function  p returns integer
               int  *p(int a, float *b)   // function p returns integer pointer
               int  p(int a, float *b)    // function p returns integer
now he looks as impressed and asked

how to return 1000 variables from a function in C?

Now seen changes to second person of CRL

He asked to explain about my project? (It lasts for 4 minutes)

What are the functions of the OS?

Which OS you are familiar with?

What is the process?

What r its attributes?

How the process interacts with each others?

What r the mechanisms for inter process communication?

What is semaphore?

What is critical region?

How can semaphore avoid conflicts?

Again first person starts asking

What is a virtual function?

What is late binding?

What is scope resolution operator?

Differentiate between testing and debugging? (here I take time 2 distinguish )

Distinguish black box testing and white box testing?

What is unit testing?

How can u control the lost acknowledgement issue?

Is there is any difference between switch and hub? Which is good? ( here again I wasn't answered properly) www.chetanasinterview.com

And some more questions I wasn't reminded correctly..

After that head of the panel gestures to HR to ask questions

What do u prefer to be a team leader or team member?

What r the qualities u have for being a leader?

How can u solve the conflicts in a team?

How can u react if some one else competing with u in ur team for promotion?

Again head asks me

What is your reaction if some one copying in the exam?Can u tell me a instance in your college that insists your leadership attitude?

Have u ever short tempered?

Have u attended any interviews?

Is u don't have campus?

And he gestures to HR to explain pay and bond details

He told that first 6 months will be the  training period after that for three years u will be appointed as probationary engineer, and also told that based on our performance promotion will be carried out early or late.
For this probationary engineer u can draw 2.65 laks per anum with all allowances, and u have to execute a bond of Rs50000/- for three years effects from date of appointment
after training.

And now head asks for any questions from me. I was asked the same qns

What is the career path?

When can I know the results?

Why u were not strong in media advertisements?

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