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Transport And Management MJ13 6th 080190023

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Automobile Engineering
(Regulation 2008)

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PART A-(10*2=20 marks)

1. State the objectives of motor vehicles act.
2. When are inter state permits required?
3. List the advantages of Third party insurance.
4. Distinguish between a surveyor and loss assessor.
5. Define fleet scheduling
6. Enumerate the duties of conductors in fleet operation.
7. What are the advantages of fleet MIS?
8. Name the government organizations that deals with goods transport.
9. Mention the various types of taxes applicable to goods vehicles.
10. Define the term traffic navigation.

PART B- (5*16=80 marks)

11. (a) (i) Discuss in detail the causes for accidents and the preventive measures required to
control it.
(ii) Write the various responsibilities of the driver.
(b) (i) Explain the penalties and procedures to be adopted for various offences.
(ii) With the help of flow chart give the structure of transport management.

12. (a) (i) Write the Limitations of Third party insurance.
(ii) Explain the role of functions of Motor Accident Claims Tribunal.
(b) Give the typical structure of surveyors report and comment on it.

13. (a) (i) Write the basic requirements of a Depot.
(ii) Explain the problems associated with fleet maintenance.
(b) (i) Write a note of fares.
(ii) Explain how cost Vs benefits are calculated in transport operation

14. (a) (i) Give the structure of goods transport organization.
(ii) Explain the role of MIS in passenger transport.
(b) Comment on precautionary measures and permit requirements needed to transport
Petroleum products.

15. (a) Write a note on:
(i) Taxes
(ii) One time tax
(iii) Tax Exemption.
(b) (i) Explain the present status of tax structures in India.
(ii) Explain the role of traffic navigation in transport management.

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