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Interview Questions for Chemical Engineering

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Find various interview questions for chemical engineering asked in PSU and other engineering companies like  like NTPC, DRDO, ISRO, JTO, ONGC, IOCL, NALCO, BSNL, BHEL, BEL, BARC, HAL, AAI, etc. Here you can find questions and also answers for few of the items.

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Interview Questions:

What is the full form of hcl?
What is the octet rule in chemistry?
What is the difference in the modern periodic table and Mendeleevs table?
What is the net charge of a non-ionized atom?
Why chemists have not created a periodic table of compounds?
What is a substituted hydrocarbon?
What makes a molecule into an organic molecule?
What element was used to make the first atomic bomb?
Explain the method for the preparation of 1 normal solution of hydrochloric acid.
How does spontaneous combustion occur?
Why positive charge will come on electropositive element ?
what is organic chemistry
What are 3 facts on evaporation?
Can you show you the organic structure of cetearyl alcohol and tell me what organic family it is?
What is the equation for photosynthesis?
How do you extract ephedrine from a mineral block?
What wavelengths can the human eye see?
What is the direction of the dipole moment expected for hydrogen bromide?
What is the IUPAC name of benzene?
How many moles of HCl are present in .70 L of a .33 M HCl solution?
What are the cons of eating organic foods?
What is the use of glacial acetic acid?
Is DNA organic?
How do you separate the colors of ink?
How can you tell if there is a dipole moment or not?
Differnce between Acid gas and sour Gas
How are dipole attractions London dispersion forces and hydrogen bonding similar?
How many electrons are in benzene?
What is a medicine dropper?
What is the chemical formula of detergent?
Why acetic has less conductivity than Hcl?
Is benzene an element or a compound?
Is benzene a polar molecule?
Are the chemical properties of lithium a metal metalloid or a nonmetal?
How do you solve Ideal Gas Law problems?
How reactive is Trimethylindium towards oxygen and water?
What are KOH and HCl?
Do all explosions produce carbon dioxide?
What is a dipole moment?
Where does arsenic come from?
What is some importance of organic chemistry?
What is a tripod? How it is used?
What is ciprofloxacin HCL used for what type?
What is an oxidizing agent?
how can determine the 'pka ' of a given component
What is the direction of the dipole moment expected for carbon tetrachloride?
Is HCl an acid or a base?
How do you prepare a solution of 1 M HCl?
What are the hydrocarbons?
What are the differences between organic and inorganic chemistry?
What is alum?
What is protein in Chemistry?
What is the chemical formula for Epsom salts?
Where is tin obtained?
Which is polar HCl or HF?
How are dipole attractions London dispersion forces and hydrogen bonding similar?
What is the structure of a DNA molecule?
What is the dipole moment of chlorooctane?
What is the difference between the law of multiple proportions and the law of definite proportions?
What is hydra?

Questions With Answers:

What is 3rd law of thermodynamics?
Answered by: jitendra patil on: Feb 15th, 2014
Value of absolute entropy
Answered by: priyasharay on: Jun 8th, 2012
If 2 systems A & B are in equilibrium with one another , and if B and C are in equilibrium , then it can be concluded A and C are also in equilibrium with one another

Why the efficiency of multiple effect evaporate is less then single effect evaporater
Asked By: hemant raj patel | Asked On: Dec 9th, 2006 7 answers
Answered by: Debu on: Feb 7th, 2014
Efficiency = amount of water evaporated per unit heat supply ...when we use multiple h.e ,content of water in exchanger is continuously decrease so efficiency decrease :)
Answered by: ravi on: May 5th, 2013
mass of water required to produce steam is less. steam economy is high

How to calculate freezing point of a blend of two mixtures with known freezing points,compositions mathematically?
Asked By: dedoooo | Asked On: May 6th, 2013 1 answer
Suppose I have two hydrocarbon mixtures ,each mixture has known composition & freezing point , is there any empirical formula to calculate the freezing point of a blend of those mixtures?
Answered by: Debu on: Feb 7th, 2014
Antoine eq may be used for find out temp if vapor pressure is known for both substance ..then average of that may be answer .

Difference between distillation and fractionation?
Asked By: nalamnaresh | Asked On: Feb 16th, 2008 12 answers
Answered by: NITIN KADAM on: Dec 11th, 2013
distillation it is unit operation in which we can separate two or more liquids mixture by its different boiling temperature ( vapour pressure) and fractional distillation it is one of the type of dis...
Answered by: Sunil Palandurkar on: Oct 17th, 2013
Fractional Distillation is a type of distillation...Distillation is normally applicable for binary systems, whereas fractional distillation is applicable for multi-component systems such as Crude oilprocessing.....

What is physical significance of chemical potential & fugacity?
Asked By: qisomani | Asked On: Apr 29th, 2007 3 answers
Answered by: Sumaia afroz mim on: Nov 26th, 2013
1.To calculate free energy.
2.chemical potential is 1 type of force to turn a reaction in equilibrium.
3.chemical potential is comparable to escaping tendency or fugacity,its means the tendency of reaction flow to ewuilibrium point.
4.If chemical potential is high escaping tendency will high.
Answered by: jhansi_man on: Apr 10th, 2009
Chemical potential is the main driving force for any mass transfer operation to be occured and is very closely related with concentration of that corresponding species therefore we generally take conc...

Explain the designing of distillation column
Asked By: narender sharma | Asked On: Sep 14th, 2007 5 answers
Answered by: Bhausaheb Gaikwad on: Sep 27th, 2013
It is simply nothing but to find out no of stages required for given operation by keeping reflux ratio optimum i.e.by keeping Operating cost minimum.It also mean to find out column dia & ht,heat duties for re-boiler & condenser.
Answered by: sekhar reddy on: Apr 1st, 2013
the design of any distillation process involves in finding number of trays required for required separation,which is calculated by mc cabe method

What is the basis of choosing the shell side and tube side fluid?
Answered by: madhumithaa on: Sep 11th, 2013
Generally hot fluids are taken in the tube sides because it exerts heat which can be utilized by shell side fluid to avoid heat losses.
Answered by: minakshi on: Aug 14th, 2013
fluid having more viscosity and corrosive nature should go to tube side because it corrode only tube from inside but if this fluid send from shell side it will corrode shell as well as tube from outside. so it is economical to send from tube side.

What is valency?
Asked By: Kishan Busa | Asked On: Apr 4th, 2012 2 answers
Answered by: ravi on: May 5th, 2013
the free electrons present in the last orbital of an element.
Answered by: muralidharan on: Apr 9th, 2012
Valency is the number of free electrons present in an atom, ready to combine with other electrons in the orbit of an element. To get a more precise definition, please refer any physical chemistry books.

What is the difference between unit operation and unit process
Asked By: nageswararao are | Asked On: Jun 6th, 2007 5 answers
Answered by: sekhar reddy on: Apr 1st, 2013
unit operation involves in physical changes only and unit process involves in both physical and chemical changes
Answered by: ketki chaudhary on: Mar 3rd, 2013
Unit processes are hydrogenation, oxidation, nitration etc

Unit operations need to be performed in unit process like mixing, agitation, drying, quenching etc.,

Why activity is so useful than considering partial pressure in thermodynamics point of view?
Answered by: sekhar reddy on: Apr 1st, 2013
a=f/p,activity coefficient describes the deviation in ideal behavior of any liquid when it a non ideal mixtures ,which is dimensionless
Answered by: nandha.rajesh on: Feb 19th, 2010
I think activity means activity coefficient if it is that then it it is very easy to answer your question. Generally partial pressure term is used when there is mixture means more than one compund is ...

You have two layer of material to provide insulation. They have heat transfer co-efficient (k1>k2).How will you obtain better insulation?
Answered by: E Smardy on: Mar 22nd, 2013
I dont think you can generalise this problem - at least not for flat plane and cylindrical co-ordinates. It really depends on how much bigger k2 is relative to k1 and how big the pipe thickness is relative to the diameter.
Answered by: Affwan Hassan on: Jul 8th, 2011
I do have a question here, If the material of lower insulation be bounded to the first system, doesn't that result in heat loss?

How can a chemical production engineer improve the process with respect to yield & quality?
Answered by: ketki chaudhary on: Mar 3rd, 2013
By using metal catalyst and using proper temperature and pressure
Answered by: rakesh kumar on: Mar 2nd, 2013
One way of increasing the Productivity / yield is to minimize the side reactions, minimizing the byproducts. This can be done by selecting proper process / catalyst if used in the process.

How to conduct the vapor-liquid equilibrium (vle) experiment at atmopheric pressure?
Asked By: Emma89 | Asked On: Nov 16th, 2012 1 answer
Anyone can help me to explain how to conduct the vle experiment for propane and heptane compostion? It is possible to use normal stirring extraction method for the experiment? And how much amount of heptane and propane that should I use if I choose the temperature range of 0-60 degree celcius?
Answered by: Deepak on: Feb 22nd, 2013
The vapor liquid equilibrium can be determined by their relative volatility and the X-Y values and with these values we make a graph curve on between these two values the vapor liquid equilibrium is achieved.

What is unit process and unit operations? How they are different from one another?
Answered by: BarotSaurabh on: Sep 28th, 2012
Correction of Bernoulli equation for fluid friction
Answered by: ashwakhussain on: Sep 26th, 2010
The process which involves chemical reaction is called unit process like chemical reactions, chemisorption, nitration, where as the process which involves only physical change is called as unit operation like distillation, physical adsorption etc.

How to design distillation column?What is the role of chemical engg. In technology transfer in pharma company.
Asked By: sachin d. chaudhari | Asked On: Jul 25th, 2007 1 answer
Answered by: srinivas on: Aug 30th, 2012
Scale up the product as per our plant capacity, check for utility requirement, check for availability of equipments, PFD, P&ID preparation, hazard study

Why it takes more time to distill out water than toluene?
Asked By: satya | Asked On: Nov 13th, 2011 8 answers
Answered by: rajeev on: Jul 26th, 2012
in case of azeotrope only alternative is through azeotropic distillation ... extractive distillation s used when relative volatility is close to 1 and no of tray reqd r high
Answered by: priyasharay on: Jun 8th, 2012
b.p of water is 100C b.p of toluene is 110C , they will form azetropes , so i would go for azetropic distillation or maybe extraction

Explain what is wilson equation?
Answered by: mohammadhosein samet on: Jun 4th, 2012
The Wilson equation was published by Grant M. Wilson as Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium. XI. A New Expression for the Excess Free Energy of Mixing
Answered by: raj kumar sitaliya on: Oct 6th, 2011
Wilson plot /equation is the graphical calculation of convective heat transfer coefficient is proportional to Uexp 0.8.

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