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BARC Interview Questions for Computer Science Candidates

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It was around 4 a.m. when i woke up in the train by alarm. Mumbai was about to come. It was the first time i was going to any metro city. What a soothing weather. I reached there 2 days before the interview. One of the main reason was the written exam of ECIL was going to be held just one day before the interview of BARC. My neighbor who is working in Indian Navy right now and placed in Mumbai booked a room for me in a hotel especially dedicated to armed force employee and their families. I was a  bit tired after a horrible journey of 40 hours. So I preferred to take rest for the whole day. In the evening he helped me to explore Mumbai. I visited Gateway of India, Taj Hotel, Nariman House, Marine Drive, Lover's Point and finally had a glimpse of Vankhede Stadium. Most of the people suggested me to leave the exam of ECIL and prepare for the interview of BARC but i wanted to be in safe position. So i went on to appear for the written exam of ECIL and you know it was the first time i experienced the journey in Mumbai Locals. Next day was going to be very crucial in my life. I relaxed myself saying the famous dialogue of Amir Khan "All will be well. Don't worry." and then tried to sleep but sleep was far away from me and i really didn't know when i slept that day.

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Finally the deciding day comes. When i woke up i smell wines/darus/madiras around my room. I became very angry but i couldn't do anything. Anyhow i took a bathe and started dressing up. Suddenly my neighbor's call came and he told that his duty is extended to 10 a.m. and he will not be there to go for interview with me.
Now i have to make arrangement for myself. Mumbai is very big and crowded city and it is very difficult for a stranger to go anywhere. I skip my breakfast, went in hurry to the nearby local train stop. I forgot to worship also which i usually do daily. Local trains of Mumbai is very crowded in morning time especially because everyone is going to his workplace/office. Anyhow i reached the BARC School just in time. Still i haven't taken the breakfast. I raced away to the auditorium and what i saw is so many grooming and happy faces making themselves ready for the interview. I became happy because i was also among them.

Now its time for registration process. When my turn came i found that i had not my 7th semester result with me. How could i be so careless. I became slightly nervous and that is the reason why when i had to submit the BARC copy of challan by dividing the challan receipt vertically into two halves, i divided that horizontally. Uff.. What was happening. Anyhow the registration process completed and i was allowed to appear for interview with the condition that in case i am selected i had to submit the scanned copy of my 7th semester result within 1 week.
My turn was 3rd for interview and there were two rooms. So it became 2nd for 1st interview room. I knew that the interview of the 1st guy was going to be long and i had ample time for taking my breakfast. The interview was being held at the 12th floor of the building and i don't knew at that moment where the canteen is? Don't know why but i decided to quit my breakfast and take a 1+1/2 lunch after my interview. Finally my turn came. It was around 11:38 am. I entered the room and what i saw is there was an elliptical table, 7 experienced people had sat around that. Oh my god.!!

Questions asked -

How are you Mr. Raj?
Where are you staying in Mumbai right now?
From which college you completed your B. Tech?
Have you any job right now?
(Probably i shouldn't have told about my TCS job.)
Tell me your favorite subjects.
C , Data Structure , OS , DBMS , Networks.

C -

    Which compiler did you use for c programming and which version?
    Which shortcut is used for compiling and running the program on this?
    Can you explain the process of compilation?? (asked many things concerned with compilation process while I was explaining like preprocessing, linker , libraries , assembler. In other words you can say the real fight starts.)
    Write any program in c language and explain everything written in that. (I wrote iterative version of factorial program. Everything was correct. Thank god. I used %d for printing the factorial value. So he asked what will happen if i input the number 100 in program. I explained successfully (for >65635 concept in %d)).
    Next question. You can guess from the previous question--- Yes. It was about recursion. They asked - Do you know the term recursion? Why don’t you use that concept for this program?
    Write the syntax for the declaration of array and structure. What is actually passed when we pass array and structure in a function? (asked many things about passing of array and pointers too.)
    (too many explanations... i started feeling tired.)


    What is data structure?
    Name the data structure you knew so far and tell the use of everyone. (I tell the use of each. They asked the next questions about the use of stack which I told them.)
    How can you use the stack to reverse the string? Can you write the program for that?
    What is preorder, postorder and inorder traversal?? I explained them. Then they asked me to write the code for these traversals. Till I wrote the recursive version of preorder traversal, they asked me if I can write an iterative version of that program. I wrote that.
    You said array and linked list are the linear data structure. What is difference between them?? Next questions – about declaration of linked list.
    What is the demerit of linked list? I explained the demerits and explained too how circular linked list and doubly linked list removes that.
    Can you write the program for reversing the linked list?

I was a bit tired now. I asked for some water. wo bhi to mere samne samosha kha rahe the.

     What is balanced binary search tree?
    Can you write the program for determining whether a given binary tree is balanced or not?? (I told the way how to do that only.)
    What is hashing? How to avoid collisions?
    Which sorting technique is best and why?

Operating System –

    Explain what happens when we press power button of our computer i.e. which process executes. (I start with POST test.. they impressed.. even the lady who asked that question said that I asked this question to many but everyone started with booting… next questions about booting , volatile memory , RAM & ROM , secondary memory , hard disks etc.).
    Which OS is installed on your computer? What is difference between vista ,xp and 7
    What is semaphore?
    What are the conditions of deadlock?
    Can you explain Banker’s Algorithm?
    Which programs did you do in your b. tech. course in OS? Which data structure did you use in them?
    What is paging?
    What is thrashing? How to get rid of it?(Working-set model concept)

DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM –Before the expert asked any question, i asked again if I have some more water.Honestly I was exhausted till then.

    What are the advantages of DBMS?
    How consistency and non-redundancy is ensured by DBMS?(Normalization)
    What is the role of DBA?
    Do you know SQL? On which software you practiced SQL in your college life and what did you do in your DBMS lab? (kya batata  kuch kiya to tha nahi bol diya student ke info store karne ka table banaya tha)
    Queries for insertion, updating, adding attribute and changing attribute.
    2 Phase locking. How it ensures concurrency control?
    What are disadvantages of 2PL?
    Conflict serializability?

Networks –

    Name the layers of OSI layer and explain the function of each layer.
    What are repeaters, switches, bridges, routers, gateways?
    What is CSMA/CD?
    What is the distance vector routing?

Here, my interview ended. I was told to go now. Suddenly the words of Senior stroked my mind “if you are selected, they will give a white paper after the interview”. I was not able to face any interviewer face at that moment but anyhow I saw the chief interviewer’s face. He was smiling at me. I thought “kamina ye hans kyun raha hai”. But they didn’t give me that white paper. Bhari kadmon se mai room ke bahar aya hi tha ki peon ne andar se ake mujhe rukne ko bola. I thought “ho gaya kya be.. hey bajrang bali… plz..” but the peon again came outside the room after few minutes and said to me “you may leave now… :( :( ”.

And thus the dream of being a scientific officer in BARC remained a dream for me.. :( :(

Courtesy : http://iamrajsrivastava.blogspot.in/2012/11/barc-interview-experience.html#sthash.0VEKeLW8.dpuf

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