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BARC General Interview Tips

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General tips:
In BARC interview, conceptual aptitude is examined rather than just the mere knowledge of the subject....that means u need to know the subject in great detail with complete understanding....just cramming a formula or cramming a definition will not work...u need to understand the basics behind any formula or definition....

Generally, interview panel has 6-8 members headed by a Chairman of the Committee. Each member asks questions....u r asked about ur favourite topics(generally three) and questions are focussed on that topics...they examine whether you have understood the subject or have just read it...they may start with a question and can go into the minute detail of that....it may happen that you may not answer a question completely but u know the basic fundamental. The knowledge of basic fundas pleases the committee very much.

One thing I wud like to mention here that the people here are very cordial and co-operative and they want every candidate to clear the interview...they provide ample hints and help you wherever you get stuck..the interview becomes more like a discussion session and a candidate feels great after coming out of the interview.

If your interview lasts for abt an hour or more then u have bright chances for a success.For Science people interview may become a bit lengthy and committee may also ask questions from other fields apart from the field u mentioned as your choice.

So, the crux is, identify your strong areas, study in great depth, develop thorough understanding and be positive and confident. A lot of time is left, u can sharpen ur skills during this time.

The time which u spent in the interview room will give u an indication of ur success...if ur interview is getting stretched and u r giving satisfactory replies then u may sense ur success...generally 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs is the time which a successful candidate spends in the interview room...u will know the result the moment ur interview gets over...if u r selected for BARC Training School you will be given a slip indicating a referral for Medical examination...if u get that slip u may congratulate urself for qualifying what is considered as the most trying technical interview in the country...
however if ur interview lasts for more than an hour and u r not being referred for medical test, u may still remain positive as you may be selected for other Training Schools of DAE like NPC Training School, NFC Training School etc....final results are however declared in the third week of july say around 18-25th July...

Joining date is always 1 September of every year.

For computer science candidates:
(Excerpt's from candidate experience)
Hii guys i cleared the interview on 17th june 2008 my interview lasted 1.5 hrs
Do all u r bascis of OS C C++ Data structures and AOA very well
Do pointers in C and all C++ basics very well
They try to confuse u a lot but be firm on u r answers
also they give enough hints to answer !!
Do all basic fundas thats the trick !

(Excerpt from Naveen's experience, successful candidate)
Im from computer science.....my interview was completed 24th june..The interview is memorable experience to me...just they are asking questions from our favorite subjects..I said only three subjects...they immediately said tell 2 more subj.... interview panes is very cool no need to tense......i said my fav subjects Data structures and C,C++,Computation,Algorithms, operating system....
they started from Data structures and c
questions from DS:
1.give 4 applications of each data structure??
from stack to graphs
2.write code for insert a element in middle in the linked list?
3.wat is the diff b/w arry and linked list?
4.wat diff b/w macro and function?
5.which searching tech more useful 4 linked list?
6.write code 4 binary search tree?
7.when the stack is full n empty similal type questions from queue,circular queue...
8.tell diff b/w macro and function?
9.way is inline funtion?(from c++)
from algorithms
if i wrote any program code immediately they said measure time complexity of ur program??
and many more from basics in c and ds
From OS:
How O/s manages data??
draw process state diagram?
wat is system call?
memory is very cheap in these days why these many memory techniques needed??
they are asking more questions from memory management..they are not asking much inner concepts.. some times they are asking silly questions..at that time testing our patience.....be patient at that time....my interview duration 1hour 15min...
even though im not selected i tought my experiece will useful to someone......
For accommodation lot of problem in my day be ready with alternative sources

For electronics candidates
(Excerpt's from candidate experience)
The interview starts with a normal talk like where u from etc etc, then they ask the subject u studied.... i said three n stopped... then they asked tell us some more subjects.. so after i told a list of subjects they settled for 5 subjects. (digital, semiconductor, micro controller, VLSI, Linear Integrated circuits) first they will ask u about ur BE project so be very clear in it don't get stuck up in project anywhere... bring your project report along with you. the questions will not be like the one which we r asked in our college vivas... they will be specific n application oriented. they will not ask u the properties the make up n all... all they want is u to use the info u have to design n get the solution of the problem they will give you. (for me they didn't ask any characteristics n all that does not mean they will not ask at all. come prepared) they used to give me inputs n outputs which was desired by them n asked me design using op amps or design using logic gates....... the overall interview is fun filled interaction with the panel there r jokes cracked be relaxed n laugh out along with the panel if u get stuck somewhere while designing or telling the answer u will be pushed a lot... they throw u ample of hints such that u can pick up from where u got stuck. they will pull u to the solution

(Excerpts from another successful ECE candidate)
i was interviewed for 1.40 hr it was really a good experience all (6)committee members were very very helpful(every interview they starts with mentality 2 select u but rest is in ur hand ) .they asked some formal questions to make u feel comfortable after that they asked my favorite subjects i said ..Electronics devices(including opamps) ,digital ckt & systems ,network theory& analysis n stopped then 1 member said name some more ...then i added analog ckt and tv&radars(thanx to recently ended 8th sem) ..friends i think its better to name at least 4 subjects in decreasing order of ur interest or preparation coz panel will follow d same sequence of subjects 4 questioning so ur 1st fav. subj. will help u to get 1st impression (whole performance will b considered but at least by this u cn gain confidence)........one more thing while explaining any thing on paper try to cover each n every minute detail(including graphs& characteristic curves) & never give any ans. in hurry no matters how well u know abt that for eg :while explaining ohms law never 4get 2 add "keeping all physical condition constant"(of course they r nt askin ohms law

For electrical candidates:
(Excerpt's from candidate experience)
interview started with formal questions like
have u placed in any company if yes then why did u come for barc.
what is ur final year project.(so that u can feel relaxed). of 6 memebers in commitee one have of them started about favourite subjects.i said conrlsys,power sys,machines.
they asked me to about which subject to start first .(control sys).but started with very simple networks . i have answered there question one of the mamdam gone through marks memo and found that i have pulse and digital ckts so she asked about output of skt with rc ckt and diodes (not tough but requires careful observation)and wave form for o/p with pulse i/p.and what happens when resister value is changed with wave forms and transient analyssis of charged inductor (it too requires careful observation).they also concentrated on filters design through control system root locus and significance of poles with respective to filters. then one fo then sir asked me to choose topic in machines. i said induction motor(3 phase).( now tough times started )
asked principle of im (very easy). and asked to draw characteristics drawn now on that graph all question based like stable operational point in graph variation of i/p parameters
and there effects on the system( i felt very tough at beginning but they directed (hinted) with small questions which very easy and very useful to answer final conclusion( big ques)).i.e they are trying to help u to answer complicated ques with simple basic principle u know.(this is the best part of interview because i thought i can never there ques but at end they made me to answer it through simple fundamental i know. i felt like scientist there it self :)) they always help u if u r strong at fundas and able to correlate hints given by them to form final anser.
then they started asking me about ( said not explain but asked to give me short answers) skin effect,ferrentier effect,fault current,hvdc uses

For Instrumentation and Control Candidates:
(Excerpt's from candidate experience)
The panel consisted of 8 … the chairman was very friendly… they made me comfortable… and then asked my favourite subjects for the interview..
I had prepared Industrial instru, process control, sensor & transducer , transmitter and telemetry…
They asked me which subject to start with and I said any one…
They start with RTD.. first asked me to write the chr. Equation, then to find out sensitivity from it.. then drift,span, gain from it.. then to do linear approximation of it….
In between they were also asking about some definitions of accuracy, sensitivity etc..
Difference between gain and transfer function..
Actually where the bookish knowledge ends … there question starts … then they went to wheat stone bridge and grilled me about null deflection etc… why it is not used these days.
[Courtesy: Orkut.com]

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