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Civil Engineering
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Answer ALL questions.

1. (a) Construct a parabola when the distance between focus and the ditectrix is 40 mm using
eccentricity method. Draw tangent and normal at any point on the resultant curve.
(b) An inelastic string of length 100 mm is wound around a circle of diameter 26 mm. Draw the
Path traced by the end of the string. Draw also a normal and tangent at any point on the

2. (a) The projections on the XY line of the horizontal and vertical traces of a straight line AB in
the First quadrant are 120 mm apart. The vertical trace is 100 mm above XY horizontal
trace 50 mm in front of XY line. The points A and B are 30 mm and 80 mm above the
horizontal plane respectively. Draw the projections.

(b) A hexagonal lamina of 30 mm side rests on one of its corner on the HP. The diagonal passing
through this corner is inclined at 45º to the HP. Draw three views of the lamina.

3. (a) A pentagonal prism of side 30 mm and axis 70 mm long rests with one of the edges on HP such
that the base containing that edges makes an angle of 30º to the HP and its axis is parallel
to VP. Draw its projections.

(b) A solid cylinder of diameter 60 mm and 80 mm axis length is lying on horizontal plane with
its One of the circumferential line on HP and the axis makes 30º to VP.
Draw the projections.

4. (a) A solid cone of base diameter 60 mm and axis 80 mm long, rests with its base on HP. It is cut
By a section plane perpendicular to VP, inclined at 45º to HP and passing through a point
on the axis 35 mm above the base. Draw the sectional top view and true
shape of the section.
(b) A solid cone of base 50 mm diameter and height 65 mm rests with its base on HP. A section
Plane perpendicular to VP and inclined at 30º to HP bisects the axis of the cone. Draw the
Development of its lateral surface.

5. (a) Draw the isometric projections of a cylinder of base diameter 50 mm and axis 80 mm long
When it rests with base on HP and on VP.
(b) A square prism of side of base 40 mm and height 70 mm rests with its base on the ground
Such that one of its rectangular faces is parallel to and 10 mm behind the picture lane.
The Station point is 30 mm in front of PP, 80 mm above the ground plane and lies in a
central Plane 45 mm to the right of the center of prism. Draw the perspective projection
of the prism.

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