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BARC placement Paper - Oct 2012

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Here is the BARC placement Paper for Electronics that was conducted in 2012.

1. Distinction between FM and PM at high frequencies.
2. Which of these has the least propagation delay RTL/ECL/I2L/CMOS.
3. Switching speed of CMOS is affected/unaffected by changes in supply voltage.
4. Which of these provides a measure of heart rate P/QRS complex/T/none of these.
5. Given a ckt of a logarithmic amplifier you had to identify what ckt was it.
6. JFET can operate in depletion/enhancement/both/none of the above modes.
7. When a BJT operates in saturation the junctions are fwd biased/reverse biased/…
8. BIBO stability criterion implies that poles are within/outside/on the unit circle.
9. For faithful amplification of low amplitude signals the cut-off/active/saturation regions of a transistor is used.
10. Lissajous pattern of a signal rotates 36 times per minute. if the oscillator frequency is 560 kHz then the unknown freq is…
11. % resolution of a 10 bit ADC.
12. To obtain 10 mV resolution on 5 V range how many bit DAC is to be used..
13. Why is LCD preferred to LED.
14. How will 0.6973 be displayed on 10 V range of a 4 ½ digit multimeter.
15. Which of the following cannot be used for an automatic feedback temp ctrl system thermocouple/thermometer/thermistor/IC sensor.
16. Y(n)=X(-n+3) is an example of a linear/non linear and shift variant/invariant system.
17. The falling body method is used to determine viscosity/humidity/….
18. Which of these methods of viscosity measurement gives greatest accuracy falling body method/rotating cylinder method/both/…
19. Some question on gas chromatography
20. A device having a rotor with 3 Y-connected coils and a stator is likely to be a synchro/RVDT/control transformer/…

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