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BARC Placement Paper - April 2012

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Here are the few sample questions for the electronics paper in BARC examination.

1. In a twisted ring counter the initial count is 1000. after the 4th clock pulse its state will be….
2. A 240 kHz signal is given into a 3 bit binary ripple counter. The lowest o/p freq obtainable is….
3. For parity bit checking which of the following gates can be used XOR/NAND/OR/XNOR.
4. Why is a BJT called so..
5. Identify the expression for gauge factor of a strain gauge among the given options.
6. In a semiconductor strain gauge as tensile strain is applied what changes take place in the n and p areas..
7. How does a radioactive level gauging system work…
8. A capacitive transducer measuring level works on the principle of change in distance between plates/change in dielectric strength/…
9. For maximum power transfer in an AC circuit the condition to be satisfied is ZL+ZS=0/XL+XS=0/none of these/….where l and s refers to load and source respectively.
10. Find the transfer function from a block diagram.
11. Synchronous ctrs are preferred to asynchronous ctrs bcoz they are faster/glitches at the output can be avoided/both/none of these.
12. The lissajous figure formed on an oscilloscope looks like the English figure of 8. if the vertical channel input is 1 kHz the horizontal input freq is….
13. IE=IC for a transistor in saturation/cutoff/active/both saturation and active regions.
14. Reproducibility of measurements is called accuracy/precision/linearity/none of these.
15. Which of these is not strictly a static characteristic accuracy/precision/tolerance/linearity.
16. The shunt coil in a Q meter has resistance of the order of mO/O/kO/..
17. For measuring inductance of high Q coils the bridge used is Maxwell-wien/Schering/…
18. Which of these measures inductance in terms of capacitance Maxwell and hay/Maxwell and Schering/hay and Schering/…
19. In a flip-flop with preset and clear inputs both are applied simultaneously/clear is cleared when preset is applied/preset is cleared when clear is applied/….
20.. Which of these values of ? gives damped oscillations: 0/1/1.6/0.6
21. For a transformer of ratio 1:a and excited by a source V with impedances Z1 and Z2 on the primary and secondary side value of a for maxm power transfer should be..
22. Fourier transform of cos(?0t) is…
23. At t=0 the step response of a 1st order system is….
24. 555 can be used as a monostable/astable/freq dividing ckt/all of these.
25. In a PT when the secondary is open ckted with the primary excited what will happen.
26. If a system is marginally stable then the nature of oscillations will be…
27. Linear encoders mostly use straight binary/BCD/gray code.
28. For an accelerometer working in displacement mode the ratio of forcing freq to natural freq should be…..
29. According to Eulers theory crippling or buckling load is ____ (Wcr = Cp2EI/l2)
30. During sensible heating, specific humidity_? (remains constant)

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