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PART – A (10 × 4 = 40 Marks)

1. Differentiate between Water-Proofing and Damp-Proofing?
2. What is Vinyl Lined Swimming pool and explain with sketches?
3. Write a short note on vapour barrier.
4. Sketch different types of domestic swimming pools through plan and section.
5. Draw the sectional details of a cool storage door.
6. What is the purpose of using acoustical materials in auditorium and theatre?
7. List the various types of sound insulated materials available in Indian Market?
8. Draw a detailed drawing detail of sound insulated fixed glass panel in 1:25 scale.
9. What is terrazzo flooring; explain its importance in building construction.
10. List the factors to consider for selection of appropriate flooring materials to be used by the physical disabled.

PART B — (4 * 15 = 60 MARKS)

11. Central Library building in the University Campus of plinth area 20m x 40m is to constructed basement of same area for
stacking the back volume. The basement wall and flooring and foundation are to be water proofed due high water table level in
the soil. Design and draw plan, sectional elevation to 1:200 scale and sections / details of water proofing in 1:50 / 1:25.

12.a) The fisheries department requires twin cold storage for storage of export products on site located close to the site located
close to the sea. The storage of 2 nos. (dimension 12m x 10m each) with ante rooms (5m x 10m) and machine room (5m x 10m)
with a ceiling height of 3.5m is to be designed. Design and draw plan, sectional elevation to 1 :200 scale and sections / details of
thermal insulation in walls, floors and insulated door in scale of 1:50 / 1:25.
12.b) A farmhouse located in an urban area is to construct a domestic swimming pool of approximate 25m x 30m at the first
floor level the pool is to have a shallow diving and children waddling area with the maximum depth of 1.6m .Design the pool
with machine room, change room etc, draw plan, sectional elevation to 1:200 scale and sections / details of waterproofing in swimming pool walls, floors, light fitting and drain pipes etc. in scale of 1:50 / 1:25.

13.a) Meeting hall (dimension 9m x 12m) of the broadcasting station is converted to a recording studio with wall height as 4m. It
consists of pitched roof on the longer span. Design and draw the studio plan, sectional elevation to 1:200 scale and section / details of sound insulation in 1:50 / 1:25.
13.b) a pre-school building is constructed in a city of hot humid climate. Recommend the kind and type of thermal insulated materials that could be used in the building, explain with scaled
drawing the appropriate thermal insulation that can be applied for the whole building. Draw the plan, sectional elevation to 1:200 scale and sections / details of thermal insulation in 1:50 / 1:25.

14. a) Explain the construction of the following type of flooring in 1:20 scale:
• Linoleum flooring
• Stone slab flooring
• Granolithic flooring
14.b) Explain briefly the various properties, uses and application of:
• Protective and decorative coating on wall.
• Enamel and varnishing on wood.

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