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Object Oriented Programming 3rd ND09 CS2203

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CS2203 Object Oriented Programming

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1. List any four object oriented programming concepts.
2. What is an abstract class ?
3. What is a copy constructor ?
4. What are the operators that cannot be overloaded ?
5. What are templates ?
6. Illustrate the exception handling mechanism.
7. What are the visibility mode in inheritance ?
8. What is the prototype of a typical pure virtual function ?
9. What are the file stream classes used for creating input and output files ?
10. List out any four containers supported by Standard Template Library ?


11. (a) (i)Explain the idea of Classes, Data abstraction and encapsulation. (8)
(ii) Write a C++ program that inputs two numbers and outputs the largest number using class.(8)
(b) (i)What are the rules to be followed in function overloading, (4)
(ii) Write a C++ program that takes either two integers or two floating point numbers and outputs the smallest using class friend function and function overloading (12)

12. (a) (i)Explain the various types of constructors (4)
(ii)Write a C++ program that takes the (x,y) coordinates of two points and outputs the distance between them using constructors. (12)
(b) Write a C++ program to take two values of time(hr,min,sec) and output their sum using constructor and operator overloading. (16)

13. (a) (i)Write the syntax for member function template. (4)
(ii)Write a C++ program using class templates for finding scalar product for int type vector and float type vector. (12)
(b) (i)Explain how rethrowing of an exception is done. (4)
(ii) Write a C++ program that illustrates multiple catch statements. (12)

14. (a) (i)Explain the different forms of inheritance. (4)
(ii)Write a C++ program handling the following details for students and staff using inheritance.
Student details: name,address,percentage_marks.
Staff details :name,address,salary.
Create appropriate base and derived class.Input the details and output them. (12)
(b) (i)Explain the need for pure virtual functions. (4)
(ii)Write a C++ program for calculating the area of rectangle and circle using run time polymorphism. (12)

15. (a) (i)Explain any two functions for manipulation file pointers. (4)
(ii)A data file "DATA" contains the name and marks of a set of students.Write a C++ program That reads the contents of the this file into an object,sorts the data in descending order of the marks and writes the result to an output file "OUTPUT". (12)
(b) (i)Explain any two sequence containers supported by Standard Template Library. (4)
(ii)Write a C++ Program using lists from STL to input 10 numbers and store them in the list.From the list create two more list one containing even numbers another containing odd numbers.Output all three lists. (12)

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