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Technical English 2nd ND11 HS2161

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Common to all B.E./B.Tech.
Second Semester
and 886202 — TECHNICAL ENGLISH — II (Tamil Medium)
(Regulation 2010)

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PART A — (10 ´ 2 = 20 marks)

1. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B : (4 ´21 = 2)
A             B
(a) holistic         (i) required by written law
(b) statutory         (ii) a reciprocal action
(c) repercussion     (iii) unfit to eat
(d) inedible         (iv) seeing as a whole
(v) splash

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions : (4 ´2 1 = 2)
One of the banes ——————— contemporary civilization is TV viewing. Not
enough attention has been paid ——————— its adverse effects ——————
our young men who remain glued to the screen ——————— hours together.

3. Write purpose statements for TWO of the following : (2 ´ 1 = 2)
(a) a dictionary
(b) a thermometer
(c) a flowchart

4. Use TWO of the following words in sentences of your own and show the
difference in stress shift : (2 ´ 1 = 2)
(a) subject
(b) rebel
(c) conduct

5. Fill in the blanks with suitable forms of the words given : (8 ´ 4 1 = 2)
Noun Adjective Person concerned
(a) ecology
(b) mathematics
(c) tradition
(d) economics
6. Give the numerical expressions for the following : (4 ´ 2 1 = 2)
e.g. a match lasting five days – a five-day match
(a) a lamp of a power of 20 watts
(b) a an investment of Rs. 500 crores
(c) a training of 4 days
(d) a project of 15 months

7. Use TWO of the following cause and effect expressions in sentences of your
own: (2 ´ 1 = 2)
(a) because of
(b) result in
(c) lead to

8. Use TWO of the following phrases in sentences of your own : (2 ´ 1 = 2)
(a) set up
(b) make out
(c) get along

9. Supply the appropriate prefix for the following words to match their meanings:
(a) ——————— zero: less than zero.
(b) ——————— saturate: add to solution beyond saturation point.
(c) ——————— standard: not having the required or normal quality.
(d) ——————— structure: subordinate underlying parts on which
something is built.
10. Match the gestures with their meanings :
A             B
(a) the V sign         (i) disapproval
(b) thumbs down     (ii) victory
(c) touching ones nose (iii) thinking about some matter
seriously        (iv) nervousness
(d) walking up and down with (v) doubt
ones hands at the back

PART B — (5 ´ 16 = 80 marks)

11. Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end :
(1 ´ 16 = 16)
Former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), Dr. Anil
Kakodkar, said that in the backdrop of the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear
plant in Japan, the design of the Jaitapur nuclear power plant (JNPP) being
planned in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, should be strengthened.
The eminent scientist said that unlike Fukushima, the Jaitapur plant will be
located at a considerable height above sea level. "India is in a less seismically
active zone as compared to Japan. Therefore, the probability of massive
earthquakes is pretty low. Yet, I would suggest that the plant be designed to
withstand the worst scenario to prevent any repetition of the Fukushima
disaster," he said.
Kakodkar was reacting to the ongoing crisis at the ill-fated Fukushima nuclear
plant in Japan after it was struck by a massive earthquake and flooded by the
resultant tsunami. The cooling system of the plant malfunctioned due to
flooding of the generators, which led to radiation leakage and subsequent
evacuation of residents of the area.
Kakodkar pointed out the requirement for large quantity of water for cooling
at a nuclear plant and sea being the largest water body, seaside makes an
ideal location for such plants. He noted that India already has three nuclear
plants in Kalpakkam (Tamil Nadu), Tarapur (Maharashtra) and Kakrapar
(Gujarat) near the seaside.
"Kalpakkam was hit by the tsunami in December 2004, but the reactors were
safe. In India, safety factor is always the top priority while designing a nuclear
plant," he said. However, Kakodkar warned against being complacent and
called for learning from the tragedy in Japan.
"In the nuclear industry, we share our experiences to improve our designs and
increase our safety standards. The Fukushima incident should be analyzed in
detail by Indian nuclear engineers to better the designs of the Jaitapur plant"
he said.
Dr. A Gopalakrishnan, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Regulatory
Board, stressed on adoption of maximum safety standards while designing
nuclear plants in India. "The chances of a tsunami hitting Jaitapur are
relatively less. Jaitapur comes under a relatively seismically less active zone,
so the chances of a major earthquake are low," he said.
Kate Hudson, head of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in London, says
building nuclear plants on the shore line, like Japan or Britain do, because of
the need for water passing through the station for cooling purposes, may lead
to a very dangerous situation in case of a natural disaster like tsunami or a
rising water level. Valery Petrosyan, a UN expert on chemical safety, has
joined the chorus of voices admitting that there is real cause for concern about
what is happening at the Japanese plant. However, Dr. Richard Philips from
the School of Earth and Environment at Britains University of Leeds says
Japanese nuclear facilities are very well prepared for any natural disasters
and the catastrophe is unlikely to happen.
(a) Choose the correct answer : (5 ´ 1 = 5)
(i) What happened to Kalpakkam nuclear power plant in 2004?
(1) Destroyed by tsunami
(2) Saved by engineers
(3) Remained normal
(4) Partially disturbed by tsunami

(ii) How many nuclear power plants does India have now?
(1) 3
(2) 5
(3) 4
(4) 6

(iii) Which country is more prone to earthquake?
(1) Britain
(2) Japan
(3) France
(4) India

(iv) Why does Richard Philips say that the catastrophe is unlikely to
happen in Japan?
(1) Japanese scientists are well trained
(2) Japanese electricity board is well organized
(3) Japanese people are industrious
(4) Japanese power plants are prepared to meet any natural

(v) Why does Kakodar say that the Fukushima disaster should be
studied thoroughly?
(1) To know the impact of the disaster
(2) To build safe reactors in other places
(3) To gain knowledge of the disaster
(4) To assist the Japanese in their recovery.

(b) Mention whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE :
(i) Jaitapur nuclear power plant should be dropped because of the
Japanese disaster.
(ii) Massive earthquakes will never occur in India.
(iii) Radiation was leaked in Fukushima due to failure of cooling
(iv) Seaside is normally chosen for a nuclear power plant because of
scenic beauty.
(v) Setting up nuclear power plant is a top priority for India.
(vi) Valery Petrosyan says that there is enough cause to be worried
about nuclear power plants.

(c) Choose the definition which best suits the given words as they are used
in the text : (5 ´ 1 = 5)
(i) backdrop
(1) backyard
(2) backup
(3) background
(4) backpack

(ii) massive
(1) very large
(2) serious
(3) concentrated
(4) ordinary

(iii) ill-fated
(1) badly designed
(2) unnecessary
(3) badly informed
(4) unlucky

(iv) resultant
(1) consequent
(2) effective
(3) remainder
(4) result-oriented

(v) called for
(1) desired
(2) dedicated
(3) demanded
(4) decided

12. Write two coherent paragraphs on ONE of the following :
(a) Economic development versus environmental protection. (1 ´ 16 = 16)
(b) Higher standards of life at the cost of human values. (1 ´ 16 = 16)

13. (a) Write a letter of job application for the post of General Manager to the
Vice-President, Star Solar Energy Private Limited, 235, Lattice Bridge
Road, Adyar, Chennai-600 020. Add a suitable résumé to your letter.(1 ´ 16 = 16)
(b) Suppose you are an old student of an engineering college in Chennai. You
have started a new business of training students for placing them in
multinational companies. You want to have a business contact with your
old college. Write a letter to the Principal of your college about yourself
and your company. Remember this note will help your principal to decide
whether to give you business or not. (1 ´ 16 = 16)

14. Write a set of eight recommendations for ONE of the following :
(a) To maintain your two wheeler in good condition. (1 ´ 16 = 16)
(b) To impart English language skills to students successfully. (1 ´ 16 = 16)

15. Write a short proposal of two or three pages on ONE of the following :
(a) Imagine that you and your friends have developed a high speed cycle for
public use. You want to produce this cycle in large and bring it to the
market. Write a short proposal to a famous cycle manufacturing company
describing the special features of your cycle. (1 ´ 16 = 16)
(b) You know that electricity department sends some people to your house
for taking meter readings once in two months. Imagine that you have got
a new idea to take meter reading from a centralized server like the
telephone department. Write a short proposal to the Managing Director,
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, 18, Anna Salai, Chennai-600 002,
describing the benefits your system will bring to the board and the
people. (1 ´ 16 = 16)

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